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Privatized Housing

Learn More About Navy Privatized Housing (PPV)

If you have issues with privatized housing you can contact Navy Housing Headquarters at

The Navy is proud to offer our Service Members and their families the opportunity to live in privatized family housing communities (PPV).  PPV housing provides the opportunity to live in a predominantly military community through a partnership of the Navy with a private sector management company. This approach provides a professional property management staff to respond to day to day maintenance and operations, while teaming with the Navy Housing Service Center staff to provide Service Member advocacy services and support.

Resident Eligibility and Requirements

Active duty military personnel with dependents are eligible for and are the primary residents of family privatized housing.  If you desire to live in privatized housing or are considering it, the local Housing Service Center (HSC) will process the housing application and refer you to the private property management company that manages the privatized housing units.          

There are several ways to receive information about privatized housing:

  • Obtain Hot Sheets.  Each privatized partner provides a hot sheet of available units and special incentives for each installation.  Refer to any HSC to obtain the most recent hot sheet for your area of interest
  • Follow the link to the PPV Partner webpage,  You can receive contact information for each location as well as see what is available
  • To receive advance information about privatized housing at a prospective duty station, Service Members have the option to submit an advance housing application using the Housing Early Assistance Tool (HEAT); this tool will interact with the HSC who will share your information with the local partner if you choose that option on the form


Benefits of choosing Navy privatized housing include:

  • Opportunity to pay rent with allotment
  • No security deposits for Service Members when rent is paid by allotment
  • No application or credit check fees
  • Lease cannot be denied to a Service Member due to a negative credit check
  • Free community events for families and children
  • Community Centers at most locations
  • Pools at many locations
  • Neighborhoods located on or close to installations
  • No charge for “normal” utility use (please see RECP information for details)
  • Maximum rent amount equals BAH (rents may be lower than BAH depending on the location)
  • Choice of 6 or 12 month initial lease term, with month to month thereafter (includes military clause)
  • A property management team that understands the military culture and challenges faced by military spouses and families


Navy Housing Service Centers remain in place to assist Service Members and families by providing relevant information to make housing choices, process applications, manage waitlists, and advocate for Service Members and their families.  The HSC staff is uniquely qualified to provide professional guidance in your home-finding experience and mediation with landlords if needed.

Service Members are encouraged to compare PPV housing with other rental options available prior to making a housing decision.  In many cases, PPV provides a very competitive option with numerous benefits not found in other community rentals.  It’s YOUR CHOICE – Let us help you understand all your options to make a well-informed decision.


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