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HEAT assists Service members or their spouses to begin the housing application process for privatized or government owned housing online before they depart their current duty station.

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What is HEAT?


HEAT stands for Housing Early Assistance Tool.  Navy Housing has developed HEAT to assist Service Members (SVMs) and their families in obtainting housing information Navywide.  HEAT allows SVMs, DoD sponsored civilians, and their families to get the housing process started online at one or more Navy installations before or after they receive their Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders.  HEAT is available to any SVM at all Navy installations.

HEAT creates an easy user experience to connect with your destination.  Spouses can use the tool as well, needing only minimal information about their SVM.

All you need to get started:

  • Sponsor's Last Name
  • Sponsor's DoD ID number
  • Your Contact Information
  • New Duty Location(s)


PLEASE NOTE that HEAT does not place you on a wait list and cannot improve your position on a housing wait list. Wait list position is determined by regulations and a verification of your eligibility by Housing personnel. HEAT does allow you to make earlier contact and complete an advance or active application with the assistance of a Housing counselor. HEAT is available to any SVM going to a Navy managed installation.

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