CNIC Instructions on Policy

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CNICINST 1752.1 Policy For Sex Offender Tracking, Assignment, And Installation Access Restrictions

CNICINST 3070.1 Base Access to Unaffiliated Civilians For The Purpose of Occupying Public Private Venture Housing

CNICINST 11103.1 Housing Referral Services

CNICINST 11103.2A Navy Family Housing Privatization Policy Standardization

CNICINST 11103.3B Management and Oversight of Navy Owned and Privatized GFOQs

CNICINST 11103.4A Responsibility for Housing Programs in the Navy

CNICINST 11103.5 CH-1 Navy Housing Eligibility, Assignment and Termination Criteria

CNICINST 11103.6B Navy Housing Furnishings Program

CNICINST 11103.7A Navy Housing Roles and Responsibilities For Program Management And Finance

CNICINST 11103.8 Navy Housing Leasing Program

CNICINST 11103.10 Navy Housing Requirements and Inventory Management Program

CNICINST 11103.11A Privatization of Navy Unaccompanied Housing

CNICINST 11103.12 Navy Housing And Intra-Station Moves

CNICINST 11103.13 Unaccompanied Housing Resident Advisor Program

CNICINST 11103.14 Unaccompanied Housing Assignment Review Board

CNICINST 11103.15 Comprehensive Resource Guide for UH

CNICINST 11103.16 Housing Rental Partnership Program

 - CNICINST 11103.16 HSC Documents

 - CNICINST 11103.16 Inspection Documents

 - CNICINST 11103.16 Service Member Documents

 - CNICINST 11103.16 Landlord Documents



4165.63-M DoD Housing Management


Fleet and Family Support Program

Joint Federal Travel Regulations


Application for Assignment to Housing (DD Form 1746)

Sex Offender Policy Acknowledgement & Disclosure Form

Resident Energy Conservation Program Waiver Request

Resident Energy Conservation Program Wounded Warrior Exemption

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