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Department of Navy Temporarily Suspends RECP program:

The Secretary of Defense and Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Installation, Energy and Facilities) have issued the orderly suspension of the Resident Energy Conservation Program in compliance with the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act.  The Department of the Navy (DON) has directed Navy privatized (PPV) housing project companies suspend the live billing of the resident energy conservation program (RECP). This will be effective at the end of the current utility billing cycle or if the current billing cycle ends within a week that Partners will suspend at the end of the next billing cycle.  The Navy is coordinating with the project companies to define the period of the last RECP billing period.

As a result, residents of Navy PPV housing in the RECP may receive one or more billing statements that may include rebates and also continue to have the responsibility to pay for charges included in their billing statements.  The Navy is working with the project companies to define the timeframe for when earned rebates will be issued to residents and final payments are due.

While RECP is suspended, residents will continue to receive a mock billing statement that shows their individual usage.  During mock billing, residents will not actually earn a rebate or have a bill to pay.  The statement will show whether they would have earned a rebate, been in the normal usage band, or issued a bill if RECP was in effect.

The RECP suspension is temporary, and the DON intends to reinstitute the program at individual installations upon certification from the Secretary of Defense that 100 percent of that installation’s PPV housing units are individually and accurately metered to measure energy usage of the housing unit.

If residents have any questions about the RECP program they should contact the third-party utility billing company, the local PPV property manager, or their installation Navy Housing Service Center (HSC).

Official Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP) Logo

Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP)

The Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP) is in line with the Navy goal to conserve energy and to comply with OSD policy. See more information!

  • RECP transfers responsibility for utility consumption to residents of Public Private Venture (PPV) housing
  • Rewards and incentivizes conservation
  • Pilot program on Hawaii for 2011/2012—expands to other PPV locations in 2013
  • The pilot achieved a 9% reduction in consumption and reduced electricity costs by ~ $1.3M over 12 months
  • Savings are reinvested into the PPV project to keep the housing and neighborhoods in good condition
  • Navy leadership is out in front to promote program

Download these new flyers for more information about RECP:

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Check out the RECP Video on the Navy Housing YouTube channel.


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