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FFSC Leaders Gather at CNIC HQ, Looking to Future

20180501-N-BV311-002 WASHINGTON (May 1, 2018) Ed Cannon, director, Fleet and Family Readiness for Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) welcomes Fleet and Family Service Center directors to the 2018 Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP) Regional Advisory Board (RAB) held in Washington, D.C. Cannon opened the RAB by thanking the directors and their staff for the hard work they do, supporting Sailors and their families.

05/16/18 12:00 AM

By Tim McGough, Commander, Navy Installations Command Public Affairs

WASHINGTON - Recently, Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) held a Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP) Regional Advisory Board (RAB) in the capital district.

According to Shauna Turner, director, Fleet and Family Support Program the purpose of the RAB was to deliver program and policy updates and best practices for all of Family Readiness programs across the enterprise.

“We provided regional directors with a sense of what the way ahead is,” said Turner. “We also captured the big picture of the Family Readiness Programs.”

The RAB focused on recruiting and retaining the FFSP work staff, innovation, leadership engagement, strategic growth, and developing business analytics.

“We established standardized personnel management business rules and how to improve customer service awareness,” said Turner. “We also gave the RPDs (Regional Program Directors) the opportunity to gain insight about the CNIC Headquarters Fleet and Family Readiness programs and how they connect to the Family Readiness Programs at the installations.”

Sixteen year FFR employee Mary Kirby director, Fleet and Family Readiness at Naval Base San Diego was very impressed with this year’s RAB.

“It was awesome,” exclaimed Kirby. “The networking and strategic planning was very effective. There was a great balance of interactive conversations and brainstorming. I came out of this RAB with meaningful goals.”

Turner stated that many of the RPDs are new to their positions and she wanted to provide them with the opportunity to understand FFSP’s business model.

“I wanted to incorporate face-to-face meetings allowing for greater interaction and discussion,” she said. “As well as help to establish goals while ensuring that everyone is on the same wave length.”

The annual advisory boards help to ensure that regional program directors are fully engaged, as well as promote efficiencies.  In addition, the meetings allowed the new RPDs connect with more seasoned directors.

“Bringing together the directors is a means of helping them to grow and develop in their roles as FFSC Directors,” said Turner.

CNIC’s Family Readiness program supports readiness through a full array of programs and resources which is instrumental in helping Navy families to be resilient, well-informed and adaptable to the Navy environment. When family members of Sailors are supported, this helps to alleviate some of the many stressors Sailors face on a daily basis when trying to meet the mission of the Navy.  When Sailors receive support from his/her family, it contributes to Navy readiness.