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Navy Housing 2-Step Process Addresses Residents’ Issues, Ensures Communication


By Commander, Navy Installations Command Public Affairs

The Navy has implemented a two-step resolution process for housing residents who have issues or concerns with their current residence.

The process pertains to all Navy housing options – Public Privatized Venture (PPV), community, government-owned or leased, family and unaccompanied.

“Our goal is to simplify the approach to reporting and resolving housing issues going forward,” said Greg Wright, Commander, Navy Installations Command housing director. “Sailors and families should report deficiencies to the property managers immediately. If the issue is not resolved, they need to notify the Navy Housing Service Center or their command, who will advocate on their behalf.”

For PPV housing, the first step is to report any issue to the local PPV property manager. If the issue is not resolved in a timely manner or of quality standards, residents are asked to contact their local Navy Housing Service Center (HSC), which directly reports to the installation commanding officer, or the service member’s chain of command.

For service members or families renting a home in the community, you are urged to first contact your landlord to address your maintenance issue or other concerns with the home. If you believe your concerns have not been properly addressed, then take the next step and contact your local Navy HSC or inform your chain of command.

For government-owned or leased housing, residents with suggestions, concerns or complaints can first contact their local maintenance trouble desk. If your housing issues remain unresolved, contact your Navy HSC or chain of command.

For Sailors living in unaccompanied housing units, the first step to have your concerns addressed is to follow local guidance and contact Navy housing staff. If the issues are not fixed, then contact your unaccompanied housing manager or report your concerns to your chain of command.

“While we work to better understand the extent of the problem, we are moving forward with some immediate actions to help our Sailors and their families address their unresolved issues,” Wright said. “When problems are reported, they will be resolved as quickly as possible.”

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