Navy Mobilization Processing Sites (NMPS)


As a part of your Individual Augmentation (IA) assignment or Reserve Mobilization you will be processed through a Navy Mobilization Processing Site (NMPS). This will occur prior to your deployment to ensure compliance with the Navy guidance and the Combatant Commander’s (CCMD) requirements. You will again process through a NMPS on your return home to ensure that you have all the tools necessary for return and reintegrate to civilian life or back to your parent command.  The mission of the NMPS is to provide rapid, ready, professional manpower support to deploy and redeploy Active and Reserve Components called in support of contingency operations worldwide.  It is the goal of the NMPS to ensure all Sailors are provided an expedient, efficient and non-stressful processing experience.

The information on this site is provided to assist you with questions about NMPS, as well as to give you an idea of what to expect during your time at the NMPS.  The nature of your IA assignment whether a Reserve or Active Component is very dynamic and it is recommended that you review the most current information on the Navy’s Individual Augmentee website on a regular basis.

Please select your NMPS for more information regarding travel arrangements, berthing, and points of contact:

NMPS Norfolk

NMPS Camp Lejeune

Please Note:  The Navy Mobilization Processing Sites San Diego and Gulfport have officially ended operations.  NMPS Norfolk is the sole processing site for mobilizing and demobilizing Sailors.  You may visit NMPS Norfolk's webpage.  Please direct any emails concerning NMPS operations to or call their quarterdeck at (757) 763-8640.  Any Sailors with orders to report to NMPS San Diego or Gulfport for processing should contact PERS and have their orders modified to report to NMPS Norfolk, VA.


All personnel deploying to the AFRICOM AOR must complete all requirements detailed in the NAVMED 1300/8, and applicable sections of the Expeditionary Medical and Dental Screening Checklist, NAVMED 1300/4 (Section G, item 9; NAVMED 1300/8; Part II, Section B, item 47).

Use the following email addresses to contact the IA you are relieving in theater.  Be sure to include your Noble Eagle number in your email.



NAVCENT Afghanistan: 

NAVCENT Kuwait: 


Sailors serving on a Global Support Assignment (GSA), Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) Support Assignment (OSA), Individual Augmentation Manpower Management (IAMM) and Reserve Component (RC) Mobilization assignment on emergency leave and NOT returning to theater are advised to contact PERS 4G to address applicable order modifications necessary to ensure travel to a Navy Mobilization Processing Site (NMPS) for out-processing.

PERS-4G Points of Contact:

AC IA/GSA Sailors:
Call NPC Customer Service Center at 866-U-ASK-NPC

RC Sailors:, (901) 874-2898


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