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Q: I have completed my Electronic Deployment Health Assessment (EDHA) at my current command. Do I have to do it again?
A: NMPS staff can check the EDHA web site to ensure that it was completed and signed electronically.

Q: Why do I need more immunizations if I already did them back at my NOSC/Parent Command?
A: You might need additional immunizations depending on your AOR location.

Q:  Why do I have to do another pregnancy test?
A:  A pregnancy test is required at every Intermediate Stop.

Q: Can an existing medical condition prevent me from getting deployed?
A: Yes. Certain chronic medical conditions, even those accepted by Navy physical standards, are considered non-deployable IAW MOD Ten, USCENTCOM individual protection and individual unit deployment policy.


Q: How long is the demobilization/redeployment process?
A: Generally the demobilization process for Reservists takes five days, and the redeployment process for Active Duty takes one to two days.  Contact your NMPS for more information regarding processing schedules. 

Q: As a Reservist, can I fly directly home after demobilizing instead of flying to my NOSC?
A: Sometimes, depending on the situation. You must coordinate with your NOSC and make the appropriate arrangements to do so.

Q: Where can I find contact information for the next stop that I am going to after NMPS?
A: It depends on the location. Most orders have the next command’s POC information.

Q: If I get done early with one step in the process can I go to the next one early?
A: No, the schedule is set for many teams to process at one time. As you may be finished with this step, another team may have the next one filled at that time.

Q:  Can I get a rental car or drive my POV?
A:  You are allowed a rental car if your orders clearly state that rental car/POV is authorized. In some cases, one rental car for four members may be allowed.


Q: What kind of uniforms will I be issued?
A: You will be issued uniforms depending on the mission linked to your Noble Eagle number (in some cases two types of uniforms may be issued according with your mission). You may receive the Desert Camouflage (DCU), Woodland Camouflage (CUU) or Army Combat (ACU) Uniform, depending on that number. 

Q: Do I need to bring a uniform or two, and which do I bring?
A: Uniforms are mandatory while processing at NMPS (NAVADMIN 188/09). The Navy Working Uniform (NWU) is now authorized for wear off-base, during routine stops (daycare, banking, post office) and at eating establishments during the prescribed workday (0700-1600). CNT or Poly-wool Khakis for E7 and above is authorized year-round. Wash Khaki’s, Flight Suits and/or Green Flight Jackets are NOT AUTHORIZED. Both Flight Suits and/or Green Flight Jackets are organizational clothing and are worn with working uniforms while performing duties for which the garments are designed. Wash Khaki’s are strictly for wear aboard ship.

Q: Am I going to be issued the new Navy PT uniform?
A: No. Reserve component personnel are issued the PTU by their Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) and active component personnel are responsible for purchasing the uniform thru the Naval Exchange system. While aboard NMPS, the PTU shirt must be tucked into the shorts while performing Group PT and the appropriate footwear is required.

Q: What kind of luggage can I carry?
A: You will be issued a FULL SEA BAG weighing approximately 45 lbs. DO NOT bring hard-sided luggage.  You will be limited to the total weight 115 lbs.(seabags + 15 lbs carry on) In most cases, military aircraft are utilized. Luggage is then palletized prior to loading on the plane. Seabags are more convenient for this purpose. Bring only your essentials. In most locations Exchange facilities are available for military personnel. You are responsible for your seabag and any additional gear.

Q: How long will it take to get my uniforms?
A: If you are to be issued uniforms at NMPS you will be fitted on your first day of processing. Uniforms are tailored off site and will be issued on Friday.

Q: What if I have never worn this uniform and don’t know my sizes?
A: There will be uniforms and boots for you to try on during fitting on the first day of processing.






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