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Processing Requirements


Members should report in accordance with their orders (no later than 0730) or at an earlier time noted by the specific NMPS on the first processing day of the week. Members arriving during normal working hours will report directly to an NMPS staff member who will endorse orders and provide further guidance. Members must report in the prescribed uniform of the day with endorsed orders (PCS and TEMADD), medical and dental records.


For a complete listing of required items to bring to the NMPS members are advised to review Expeditionary Screening requirements in entirety delineated on NAVPERS 1300/22 (expeditionary Screening Checklist) & NAVMED 1300/4 (Expeditionary Medical and Dental Screening Checklist).

Bring the following items with you to NMPS:

  • Medical and dental records
  • Medications (180-day supply) and copy of prescriptions
  • Bank information to establish Direct Deposit (voided check or deposit slip with bank’s name, phone number, address, account number, routing number)
  • Activated Government travel credit card (GTCC) and enough cash for five days berthing and meals (approximately $200-$300).  Ensure this is done at the NOSC or parent command.
  • Copies of all screening forms (NAVPERS 1300/21, NAVPERS 1300/22, NAVMED 1300/4) 

If applicable, bring the following:

  • Certified copy of marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates for recent family members
  • Court orders or decrees pertaining to divorce, adoption or child support
  • Updated page 2
  • Current contract/extensions
  • Exam worksheet
  • Copies of any civilian medical history not filed in your official Navy medical/dental records
  • Passport(s), if applicable or required by orders
  • Dependent Care/Family Care Certificate
  • Single Sailors: current copy of mortgage or rental agreement
  • Any additional documentation noted on your orders. 

Members will be required to pay for all meals and berthing while at NMPS.  Members will submit a travel claim for reimbursement upon departure.

Please contact your NMPS if you have any questions.


  1. Bring medical and dental records to NMPS (copy of current prescriptions for medications and eyeglasses/contact lenses)
  2. Complete NAVMED 1300/4 at least 30 days prior to arrival at NMPS (
  3. Complete medical suitability certification, NAVPERS 1300/21(SERIES) (
  4. Complete DD 2795 at least 30 days prior to arrival at NMPS (
    Reservist females: Bring copies of well woman exam results

    Reserve Component members are entitled to 180 days of TRICARE medical and dental benefits thru TRICARE (enroll at the NOSC)

If there are any questions about medical requirements or documentation, please contact the NMPS medical department head.


Bring the following items with you to NMPS:

  • Medical/dental Records
  • Copies of orders
  • Service record


  1. Bring medical and dental record with you
  2. Completed Electronic Deployment Health Assessment (DD 2796) online, available at:
  3. HIV/blood draw
  4. Complete  DD 2697, Report of Medical Assessment
  5. Provider interview/exam
  6. Dental Care: Demobilizing Reservists have 180 days to complete dental care at the VA (start date annoted in the DD214)


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