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Funeral Arrangments Visit

The purpose of the CACO's s funeral arrangements visit is to counsel and assist the Person Authorized to Direct Disposition (PADD) with the funeral arrangements.  During this visit the PADD will complete the Statement of Disposition of Remains.  The name of a receiving funeral home or national cemetery should also be obtained.


 Additionally, the procedures generally followed for the return of remains should be explained to the PADD.


Use the information contained on this page to assist you in completion of the Funeral Arrangements Visit

CACO Funeral Arrangments Checklist

Click on the Image above to download the CACO Funeral Arrangements Visit Checklist.

The CACO Funeral Arrangements Visit Checklist helps you to collect and organize information prior to and during the Notification Visit. The checklist lists required forms, offices and agencies involved in the CACO process and their phone numbers.  The checklist includes places for you to document points of contact and other relevant information. It will be one of your primary organizational tools.

Follow the below links to obtain the forms and information you will need to complete the Funeral Arrangements Visit:




(Page Updated: February 8, 2016)

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