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Notification Visit

In the event a military member becomes a casualty, it is the Department of Defense (DOD) policy that the Next of Kin (NOK) shall be notified as promptly as possible in a dignified, humane, professional, and understanding manner.

As a CACO completing a Casualty Notification Visit, you have the honor and duty to assist the family of someone who has paid the highest price in defense of our Nation.

As such, you represent the Secretary of the Navy, and the Navy itself. The Navy has a covenant with those fallen Sailors and their families, and takes great pride in keeping faith with that covenant.

Keep in mind that your performance during the Notification Visit is likely to shape the family’s lasting impression of the Navy as an institution that cares for its own. This duty is among the most profound responsibilities you can take on as a Sailor.

Use the information contained on this page to assist you in completion of the Notification Visit.

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Click on the Image above to download the CACO Notification Checklist.

The CACO Notification Checklist helps you to collect and organize information prior to and during the Notification Visit. The checklist lists, required forms, offices and agencies involved in the CACO process and their phone numbers. The checklist lists required forms, offices and agencies involved in the CACO process and their phone numbers.  The checklist includes places for you to document points of contact and other relevant information. It will be one of your primary organizational tools.

Use this checklist to guide you through all the steps of the Notification Visit.

Follow the below links to obtain the forms and information you will need to complete the Notification Visit:

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