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Energy and Utilities

Planning, Programming, Budget and Execution
The Energy & Utilities sub branch assembles and participates in Integrated Process Teams, developing action plans through metrics and matrices such as Service Level Descriptors, Required Operational Capabilities, and Capability levels, to determine funding requirements for energy and utilities.

Energy & Utilities uses data from the Capability Based Budget, Utilities Requirements Model, Program Objectives Memorandums, Utilities Pricing Data, Program Budget Information System and historical databases to provide input and analysis of Regional utilities data.

The Energy & Utilities sub branch works with other Department of Defense (DOD) and Navy Facilities Offices affecting overall DOD policy. An example is the need for effective and efficient metering of Navy installations, which impacts how billing data is collected and energy resources are managed across the Navy Regions.

References:  Energy Policy Act of 1992, Executive Order 13123

Utilities Privatization
The Energy & Utilities sub branch efforts towards utilities privatization consist of the following:

  • SECNAV Utilities Privatization Program - Review and approve funding. Coordinate supporting documentation. Participate in joint service working groups to develop Navy policies regarding utilities privatization.

  • Energy Conservation and Awareness - Promulgate guidance and share technical knowledge and lessons learned within Navy Regions. Participate in the Energy Special Projects Team Meetings and DON Shore Energy Policy Board.

  • DON Shore Energy Business Plan - Our long-term strategy for success. The three Focus areas are: Management, Innovation, and Execution.

  • Alternatively Financed Energy Projects- Review projects for their suitability.

Mobile Utilities Support Equipment
Energy & Utilities provides approvals of utilities equipment for deployment to Navy Installations to support the Warfighter.

Secretary of the Navy Energy Awards
The Energy & Utilities Branch is a member of the review panel for these awards given out annually. Navy Installations receive recognition based on their efforts to meet Executive Orders regarding Energy Conservation and Energy Resources Management.

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