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The DD 2400 form series (Jan 2008) are the current form to use.  You may download them from this site.

This section describes the process and provides the forms needed to apply for a permit.  There are some differences in policy among the Departments of the Army, Air Force and Navy, so a requested permit might not be approvable for Navy air installations even though approvable by another service for their bases.   Only forms from this site, completed specific to Navy aviation facilities will be accepted.

Applicants; please download each and complete the forms as instructed. See the section below on how to successfully complete the forms and links to samples. Then print, sign, and date the originals in blue ink and email a scanned, color PDF to Please DO NOT mail or send faxes of the originals.

Special notes on completing the forms

Blue ink PDFs are now the accepted method of receiving CALP applications.  Scans MUST be in color in order to discern the blue ink signature and MUST BE DATED.  Please email the scanned version of the following:

1. A letter stating: 

  • The applicant's name (individual or corporate entity)
  • The necessity for landing
  • Current contact information, and 
  • The NFR number if available (previous permit holders only)


2. Include 3 forms: DD Forms 2400, 2401, 2402 and, if applicable, a letter from the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) that affirms the requirement to land.;

DD Form 2400:   This is the Certificate of Insurance.  If using Box 5 to state the limits of the insurance coverage, ensure ALL small boxes within Box 5 are completed.   If using Box 6 instead of Box 5, please cite the full combined single limit insurance coverage for Bodily Injury, Property Damage, and Passenger Liability.   

Please note: Certification boxes (9a,b,c,d) are to be completed by the authorized insurance official.  **Advisory on Insurance Requirements for Civil Aircraft Landing Permits

When the DD Form 2400 states a Combined Single Limit amount and then follows it with a phrase such as "sub-limited to $100,000 per passenger", the stated amount (e.g. $1,000,000) is the total coverage and the $100,000 per passenger is within the $1,000,000, not in addition to it. This means that the coverage does NOT meet the minimum requirement. Example: for a small aircraft with 3 passenger seats, the minimum is $500,000 bodily injury plus $500,000 property damage plus $300,000 for passenger seats, for a total of $1,300,000. 

DD Form 2401: This is the Civil Aircraft Landing Permit.   Please state your purpose of use to land at Navy air stations and list the aircraft to be covered under this request (fill out an “Additional Aircraft Data form” if there are more than four (4) aircraft to be listed). 

Information about the COR Letter
This letter must be on letterhead and provides information about the contract from the Contracting Officer's Representative Letter (COR): The contract number and effective dates will be in this letter.

DD Form 2402: This is the Hold Harmless Agreement.  When submitted by:

1. An Individual:  Must be dated, signed in blue ink, and name must match DD Form 2401 1.a "User" and DD Form 2400 3.a "Insured."

2. A Corporation:  The name of the corporate entity must match DD Form 2401 1.a "User" and DD Form 2400. 3.a “Insured”

3. Two (2) signatures are required and must be signed in blue ink

*PLEASE NOTE:  It is imperative this form be signed by the correct individuals.  The agreement must be executed by individuals who are corporate officers with the authority to bind the corporation to unlimited liability for an indefinite period of time, because (1) this agreement creates unlimited liability for the corporation for an indefinite period of time, and (2) the Navy wishes to ensure that it is binding.  Per Counsel, corporate officers who are recognized to have “apparent” authority, that is, without further documentation, are the corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, President, Vice President, Corporate Secretary, and Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer.  If the individual’s title is NOT one of these titles, sufficient documentation must be supplied with the application, such as a letter signed by the Corporate Secretary with a corporate seal affixed.

There are two signature boxes.  The first corporate officer is executing the agreement and the second corporate officer is countersigning and verifying that the first was authorized to commit the corporation. We frequently receive forms executed by persons with titles such as Senior Managers, Department Heads, Chief Pilot, Director of Aviation, and others that are not one of the above five (5) listed positions.  In these cases, we will contact the applicant to have the DD Form 2402 resigned by the appropriate corporate officer.  

A CALP will NOT be issued without the appropriate signatures.

If you wish to demonstrate that someone other than one of the five corporate officers listed above is empowered to execute or countersign this specific agreement, you may do so in one of the following ways:

1.      Have an authorized individual sign in the first box and the Corporate Secretary sign the second box and affix the corporate seal.

2.      Provide an attested copy of an action by the Board of Directors that authorizes execution of the agreement and actually names who may sign it and have that individual sign the first box.

3.      Limited Liability Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership: Must be signed in blue ink, and name must match DD Form 2401 1.a "User" and DD Form 2400 3.a "Insured." In addition, please select and complete the appropriate form for your company, to send in with your application.  Samples of the form and the required form are located at the bottom of this page for download.

To download any blank DD Forms, a blank Additional Aircraft form, and/or the Sample COR Letter click the links below or follow the hyperlinks in the text.

You may access a presentation of how to fill out the forms here:


Blank forms, Sample forms and other information:

DD 2400 Sample COR Letter
DD 2401 Limited Liability Form
DD 2402 General Partnership Form
Additional Aircraft Data Form Limited Partnership Form 
Information about the COR Letter Sample Affidavit


Corporate DD 2400 Active Duty DD 2400 Individual DD 2400
Corporate DD 2401 Active Duty DD 2401 Individual DD 2401
Corporate DD 2402 Active Duty DD 2402 Individual DD 2402
Sample COR Letter Additional Aircraft Data Form  



DD Form 2401


Additional Aircraft Data Form

Information about the COR Letter

Sample COR Letter

Limited Liability form,

General Partnership form,

Limited Partnership form

Sample Affidavit


Sample Completed Forms

Corporate DD2400                     Active Duty DD2400                                                 Individual DD2400

Corporate DD2401                     Active Duty DD2401                                                 Individual DD2401

Corporate DD2402                     Active Duty DD2402                                                 Individual DD2402

Sample COR Letter                    Additional Aircraft Data Form                             


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