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Coronavirus Disease 2019

Combat and Defend Against COVID-19 Virus

Child Care 

The Navy Child and Youth Program has developed a COVID-19 reset plan as a framework to gradually restore operations of CYP facilities and services while safeguarding the health and welfare of the children and families served as well as staff and personnel.

Patrons are asked to contact their installation child development center for more information.

E-4 NWAE Delayed

Postponed, until mid-May, the E-4 Navy Wide Advancement Exam was scheduled for this Thursday (NAVADMIN 69-20).  Based on Fleet feedback to include social distancing and facility constraints, it is not possible for many of our commands to meet Force Health Protection Guidance and implement the exam.   


Boards Postponed

As with the NWAE, social distancing requirements and travel restrictions required a prudent pause to all administrative and statutory promotion boards (NAVADMIN 72-20) allowing time to properly plan execution and risk mitigation for our future boards.  Additionally, to free up space for higher priority statutory and administrative boards, this year’s O5 and O6 Selective Early Retirement (SERB) and Senior Enlisted Continuation Boards (SECB) will be cancelled.  We are also looking to expand our virtual board process as much as possible, particularly for administrative boards which can be executed in a virtual setting.  We are working to resume boards as soon as feasible, initially planning towards late May/early June, but earlier if possible.  We will ensure we prioritize the boards and will not disadvantage our Sailors.


PFA Cycle Suspended

This cycle’s Physical Readiness Test (PRT) and Body Composition Assessment (BCA) which started on 1 Jan and ends on 30 Jun (NAVADMIN 71-20) has been suspended.  Not only have many of our bases closed gyms, but also maintaining social distancing between personnel cannot be accomplished during the PFA.  We will recommence in the fall and will again ensure our Sailors are not disadvantaged.


Relaxation of Grooming Standards

In order to minimize Sailors exposure to COVID-19 and adhere to social distancing, we have relaxed hair grooming standards (NAVADMIN 73-20).  This will ensure our Sailors do not have to go to a hair salon or barber shop and potentially be exposed.  All normal grooming standards for sideburns, hairstyles and shaving are still in effect.  

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