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Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Korea

APO, AP 96214-0001


Calling CNFK

To call DSN in Korea from the U.S., dial 011+8251801- (last four of DSN)

To call Korean cell phone from the U.S., dial 011+82-(Last two digits of prefix -10 or -11) plus the rest of the seven or eight digit phone number.

To call Korean cell phones from a DSN, dial 99 and then the entire cell phone number (ten or eleven digits).  To call a DSN from a Korean cell phone, dial 05033 plus the last six digits of the DSN number. The DSN prefix for Korea is 315; the DSN prefix for the United States is 312.  The prefix is required when calling between regions.


CNFK Staff Duty Officer

0700-1800: DSN: 315-763-3756

1800-0700: Mobile: 010-8707-9677

Assistant Staff Duty Officer Mobile: 010-8832-0796



DSN: 315-763-3717

DSN: 315-723-4895


Public Affairs Officer

DSN: 315-763-8012



DSN: 315-763-3702



Mobile: 010-8556-6935


N1: Admin

DSN: 315-763-3710


N2: Intel

DSN: 315-763-3714


N3: Operations

DSN: 315-763-3713


N4: Supply

DSN: 315-723-5733


N5: Strategy

DSN: 315-763-3736


N6: Information Technology

DSN: 315-762-5316

One-Net Helpdesk: 315-550-5463


N7: Security, Cooperation and Engagement

DSN: 315-763-3724


N8: Engineering

DSN: 315-723-4912


OSO Reserve Component

DSN: 315-763-3728

DSN: 315-723-5795


Command Career Counselor

DSN: 315-723-3067


Federal Voting Assistance

DSN: 315-763-8012

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