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Community Rental Housing

● How is the Housing Referral Service (HRS) Processed?
 -  Stop by the Housing Service Center (HSC) to be briefed about HRS during an orientation.
 -  The member has 3 options to find the property:
        1) On your own
        2) Showing service from HSC
        3) Through realtors
 -  Schedule appointments to look around houses or apartments.
 -  If selected, the lease agreement/special agreement and OHA Report for service member shall be completed.
    The HSC will assist in completing the necessary documentation.
 -  Housing Director reviews and approves the necessary documentation.
 -  Forward the completed documentation to CPPA for military or HRO for civilian personnel. 

● Referral Processing Requirements (Military / Civilian)
 -  The Service member’s PCS order / Civilian’s TCS order (DD Form1614) or Transportation Agreement (DD Form 1617).
 -  Housing Application Form (DD Form 1746).
 -  Sex Offender Policy Acknowledgement and Disclosure (CNIC 11103/1) Form.
 -  Command Sponsorship letter for dependents.
 -  CNA (Certificate Of Non Availability).

● How is Termination Processed? (Military / Civilian)
 -  Report to HSC 30 days advance.
 -  HSC sends “Lease Agreement Termination Notice' to the landlord and checks the remaining rent
     and utilities with the landlord.
 -  HSC Sets Up & Conducts a termination inspection with the Landlord / Realtor.
 -  Move out of off base housing.
 -  HSC forwards a termination letter to CPPA /HRO and provides a copy to a member.

 ● How TLA is processed?
 -  HSC receives Application form from the member and puts the information in eMH (enterprise Military Housing).
 -  Member shall provide TLA application form along with a lodging receipt to HSC for a review every 10 days.
 -  TLA application form signed by HSC will be forwarded to the CPPA to be uploaded in TOPS (Transaction Online
     Processing System) for the TLA payment. 

● Rental Payment For Military Members

  • Payment will be made in the local currency to prevent members from losing money as a result of currency exchange-rate fluctuation. Only a month to month payment basis is authorized and Utilities and Rent shall be made separately.
  • Service members or DoD civilians must submit a written termination to their landlords at least 30 days in advance before their move out date.
  • Members should use the rent receipt provided by the HSC for each payment to avoid errors and submit the copy of the receipt when terminations.
  • Delinquent rent or utility payments will be reported to the member’s chain of command by the HSC. 

● DoD Civilian Contract

  • Payment will be made in US Dollars to prevent members from the losing money as a result of currency exchange-rate fluctuation. However, it can be changed according to each organization’s policy and instruction.
  • It is highly recommend that lease should be 90% or less of your authorized LQA. We’re not responsible for possible complications result from using the maximum amount of LQA authorized such as financial problems.
  • You should submit one copy of the receipt of the LQA payment to a landlord and the HSC.

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