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SCPO Colosimo standing outside of CFAC
SCPO (SS/SW) Ryan Colosimo standing outside of Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae Administrative Building.

Welcome to Commander, Fleet Activities Chinhae

Congratulations on your orders to Chinhae, South Korea. Or, if you are considering orders to Chinhae, thank you for stopping by to learn more about the incredible opportunities that await you here at the only Navy Base in Mainland Asia.  Chinhae is unique because it is a small base in a big city.  Chinhae is part of the Changwon tri-city area with a population of about 1.2 million.  Despite the bustling city around us, our base is a like small community within itself.  We have our own Commissary, AAFES Exchange, bowling alley, restaurants, gym, 3D Movie Theater, game rooms, ect.  Our base is one of the best in the Navy for families with young children.  The Housing is consistently ranked high for comfort and customer service and there are many playgrounds in the family housing neighborhoods and parks in the community.  Single Sailors and geo-bachelors can take advantage of MWR’s Liberty Program which offers free trips, bowling, movie nights, parties, and more.

Serving in Chinhae is rewarding.  The experiences you have here can jumpstart your career goals because there are countless opportunities to step up as a leader, gain experience as a volunteer, and even attend college if you wish.  Living in South Korea is an enriching experience filled with temples, hiking, festivals, food, and ample opportunities to learn new customs and traditions.  Each spring Chinhae hosts approx. 2 million visitors during the 10-day long Cherry Blossom Festival.  It’s an exciting time marked with fireworks, parades, vendor booths, concerts, and of course, beautiful cherry blossom trees—it’s just one example of the great things happening just outside our gate!

As the Command Senior Chief, please allow me to assist you in ensuring a successful transition to your new home in South Korea.  If you’ve received your orders, it is our focus to ensure your sponsor is assigned and contacts you as soon as possible.  If you have not been contacted by your sponsor email me at CFAC_sponsor@fe.navy.mil.  It is my conviction to make certain that you and your family are well taken care of. Proactive engagement on your part with your sponsor and our Ombudsman (OmbudsmanCFAC@gmail.com) can solve many issues and concerns before you arrive onboard, thus paving the way for a smooth transition.

In addition, take a few minutes to peruse this website, particularly our relocation section, for helpful information about moving here.  Also, get excited by checking out our Facebook page where you can find information about upcoming events and activities.

Again, congratulations on your orders to Chinhae.  I hope you will enjoy your tour here. Welcome aboard Shipmates!


Ryan M. Colosimo

CFAC Command Senior Chief

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