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Getting Here

Getting to Chinhae from an International Airport

There are 3 international airports in South Korea. The closest International Airport is Gimhae (Kimhae) International Airport (airport code PUS). Gimhae International Airport is outside Korea’s second largest city, Busan (Pusan), and is about 30 miles from the U.S. Navy Base in Chinahe. Most Gimhae-bound flights originating in the U.S. will require a layover. When you arrive at Gimhae International Airport, your sponsor can meet you there and drive you back to base.  

If you are unable to arrive at Gimhae International Airport you can fly to Gimpo (Kimpo) or Incheon International Airport, both in/near Seoul. Incheon is the largest International Airport in South Korea and consistently receives a top spot in airport rankings (#2 in 2015 by World Airport Awards). To reach Chinhae from Incheon you will need to take a domestic flight, train, or arrange another mode of travel. If you travel by train, plan to arrive at Masan Station (about 15 minutes from base). Arrange with your sponsor to pick you up when you arrive at Masan Station. There is typically only one train from Incheon International Airport to Masan each day, however, there are multiple trains from Seoul Station to Masan each day. To find a train, or to purchase a ticket in advance, (recommended) visit:

To travel from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station consider taking the airport subway. You can also take the bus, a taxi (AFFES ~$65, local ~75,000 Korean Won), or the free shuttle to the Dragon Hill Lodge—which will save on taxi fare since a taxi from Dragon Hill Lodge to Seoul Station is typically less than 10,000 Korean Won. You may also find that spending a night at the Dragon Hill Lodge before continuing to Chinhae by train is very nice if your travel plans allow for it. For shuttle information visit: The ride from the airport to Seoul is about 1 hour. The USO Incheon Desk at Arrival Door #1 (DSN) 723-8621 can help to direct you when you arrive.

Advice for Military & Families:

Please contact your sponsor before arriving in Korea and keep him/her informed of any delays you encounter during travel using e-mail or another agreed-to method. Consider bringing an international power cord adaptor with you to keep your electronics charged while you travel. You may also want to plan ahead in case your phone does not get a signal while you travel (phone card, Skype, Magic Jack, etc.) particularly if you have a layover in another country before arriving in South Korea.   

Servicemembers should pack a clean uniform in their carry-on luggage. All travelers should keep medications and other essentials in a carry-on in case your luggage is delayed.

It is stressful when your flight is delayed or canceled, but do your best to stay calm and be polite to airline employees and other passengers. If your flight causes you to miss the last flight of the evening, talk with an airline representative who may be able to help arrange lodging for you. The USO may also be able to help. If you will not arrive in Chinhae when you are expected to, contact your sponsor.


See the DOD Foreign Clearance Guide at for entry requirements. In general, U.S. passport holders do not need a visa to enter South Korea. Military servicemembers do not need passports to enter South Korea so long as they have their military ID card and a copy of their travel orders (experience shows you may need more than just one copy of your travel orders). Dependents will need passports. 

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