Port Operations

CFAC Port Operations schedules, coordinates and provides services to support the movement of U.S. Navy vessels visiting the multiple ports in the Republic of Korea (ROK). Most of these services are contracted through local Husbanding Service Providers (HSP). The HSP contractor shall provide most labor, supervision, tools, material, and equipment required to perform Port Operations in the ROK.


Port Operations shall provide logistics support and related services to fully support the US Naval Fleet. Support services provided include, but are not limited to:

* Port Operations Administration and Management

* Harbor pilot services

* Fleet mooring services

* Ship (surface and submarine) movement planning

* Services scheduling, coordination and logging

* Utilities and Fuel hookup services

* Spill reporting, mitigation and cleanup on the wharf or in the water

* Ship waste removal and coordination services

* Liquid handling services (e.g., fuel, oily waste, and sewage)

* Port operations and disaster/typhoon preparedness planning


Location of Services

Port Operations functions are located in the first floor of Headquarters Building  606 on Fleet Activities Chinhae.


Port Operations Contact Information

Port Operations Officer, DSN 315-762-5262

Boarding Officer, DSN 315-762-5348/5875

Port Operations Liason, DSN 315-762-5332


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