The purpose of curfew and off-limit areas is to ensure continued mission readiness and to assess the current operational environment.  

All USFK forces have a curfew between the hours of 0100 - 0500 Monday through Sunday, including 

U.S. holidays.

USFK Regulation 190-2

The areas and establishments listed below have been declared off-limits for safety, health, or operational considerations for all personnel subject to this regulation, except as noted. Additional off-limits areas will be determined by Area Commanders. 


a. All tattoo parlors and body piercing shops.


b. All houses of prostitution. A house of prostitution is defined as any building or structure where prostitution or the promotion of prostitution (engaging in any sexual activity with another person for a fee) is regularly carried on by one or more persons under the control, management, or supervision of another. 


c. The ROK public streets, roads, and highways during the hours of curfew. Travel during curfew hours is permitted, in emergencies or when performing official duties. 


For further information on these regulations and policies, or any other USFK regulation please visit the USFK website and click on the publications link. 


The area known as “Texas Street” in Busan is off-limits to all Navy personnel from the hours of 1700 - 0100. 


The Texas Street area is a popular tourist/liberty area and there is good, legitimate business there, especially tourist shopping, but research proved Sailors and families were at risk in the late evening, So we tailored the off-limits hours to accommodate any shopping desired so the 1700 cut off; at 0100, the peninsula-wide curfew goes into effect.


Off Limits Area "Texas Street"

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