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Due to the Prime Minister’s Decree limiting movement throughout Italy, you will now need an official document with you while driving to and from points of necessity. Please download the following documents which instruct you on what you need and how to fill out the form.  

Host Nation Restriction Information-24 March 2020

Self Declaration Form- Italian with English Instructions 26 March 2020

Self Declaration Form- English 26 March 2020

Self Declaration Form- Italian 26 March 2020

Travel for life necessities is permitted, to include stops at local gas stations, supermarkets, and pharmacies while respecting the social distancing practice of at least one meter between individuals. Deviate from the Decree and you are operating at your own risk. You can call your local installation's non-emergency dispatch number for assistance with translation if necessary at:

NSA Naples 081-568-5638
NAS Sigonella 335-841-2014


The President of the Campania Region issued an ordinance on Friday, Mar. 13, supplementing the previous decrees by the Prime Minister, stressing that residents are to stay in their homes and only to leave for strictly necessary reasons. Residents are still allowed to travel for proven work needs, situations of necessity, or for medical reasons, however all movements must be made alone except when traveling for health reasons and the patient requires assistance, or when commuting to work with an immediate family member.

The requirement to use self-declarations when outside the home is still in effect. Necessary travel may include buying food and household necessities, buying medicine or medical visits, and dog-walking, and must be done expeditiously in the vicinity of the house. Medical purposes may include visiting Naval Hospital Naples or buying medication at the NEX/Commissary. Have identification with you when you leave the house and cooperate with local authorities. 

This significantly reduces your ability to participate in outdoor activities, and personnel should limit themselves to only those activities allowed per the Italian Decree’s guidance.

Please see amplifying guidance below:

1. Starting immediately and until 25 March 2020, on the entire territory of the Campania region, it is mandatory to stay home. Exceptions are authorized exclusively for work, situations of necessity and health reasons.

2. Situations of necessity are only those related to primary needs of the individuals and only for the time strictly necessary, and in any case in areas contiguous to own home.

3. It is authorized that an individual be accompanied by another exclusively in the following cases:

- travel for reasons of health, when the health status of the patient makes it necessary;

- travel for work reasons, so long as the individuals are from the same family and only limited to the path from/to the work place of one of them.

4. Failure to comply is punished pursuant to article 650 of the penal code with arrest up to 3 months or fine up to 200 Euros, unless the act constitutes a more serious criminal offense.

5. Since non-compliance with this order exposes the transgressor to the risk of contagion, it shall be mandatory to notify ASL Department of Prevention, and the transgressor shall be imposed in quarantine at home in isolation from social contacts for 14 days.

6. Failure to comply with the order of home quarantine shall be punished pursuant to article 650 of the penal code with arrest up to 3 months or a fine of up to 200 Euros.

To read a translated copy of the President of Campania's Decree from March 13, click here.




On Monday, March 23, the Greek goverment issued a decree which temporarily restricts movement of citizens in response to the risk of spreading the COVID-19 coronavirus. Read the Greek Government Gazette B 986 2020 in Greek or English.

The following documents are attached to help you navigate these new directives: 

1.  Exemptions to Greek Movement Restrictions (of 23 March 2020)

2.  Form B - Declaration for Public Movement (English Support Version)

3.  Form B - Declaration for Public Movement (Greek)

4.  Translation of Greek Prime Minister's Address of 22 March 2020

For the latest information, visit the NSA Souda Bay Facebook page at

Authorized Departures

Due to the evolving health situation worldwide, and the World Health Organization (WHO) declaration of COVID19 as a global pandemic, the Department of State (DOS) has approved Authorized Departure from any diplomatic or consular post for eligible family members (EFMs), including Department of Defense (DOD) EFMs, and civilian personnel and their EFMs – to include civilian employee and/or other EFMs, who might need to accompany them – who have determined they are at a higher risk of a poor outcome if exposed to COVID19 or who have requested departure based on a commensurate justification in foreign areas, effective March 14, 2020. This policy was implemented by the U.S. Navy through NAVADMINs 080/20 and 088/20.​

To read frequently asked questions about Authorized Departures, click here

TRICARE Fact Sheet for Overseas Beneficiaries Subject to Directed Relocation

TRICARE active duty service members (ADSMs) and/or active duty family members (ADFMs) living overseas may be directed to relocate due to political unrest, natural disaster, or other events. TRICARE beneficiaries will continue to receive health care benefits, services, and support during the relocation period. The DHA may waive the Primary Care Manager (PCM) referral requirement for TOP Prime and Prime Remote beneficiaries in locations impacted by mandatory evacuation orders. Waivers are for a specific period of time and beneficiaries should enroll in their new location as soon as possible. The TOP contractor will not deny a request for health care as “out of area care” and will provide assistance with locating a civilian provider and ensuring cashless/claimless health care when contacted by ADSMs/ADFMs regardless of their location.

To learn more about obtaining healthcare during relocation, click here.

To download the Authorized Departures infographics below, click on the images.

Authorized Departures- Military
Authorized Departures-Civilian


Benvenuti a Napoli - A newcomer's guide to Naples, Italy. The information contained in the welcome aboard book will help smooth your transition into the Naples community. It's also a great resource while serving here.

Benvenuti 2019 Cover

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