Collateral Duty EEO Counselor Information

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) counselors play an important role in helping to resolve EEO complaints on an informal basis and supporting the EEO mission.  EEO collateral duty counselors are volunteers and perform their EEO duties in addition to their primary duties and responsibilities.  Any individual interested in serving as a counselor should advise their supervisor and discuss their availability for such and assignment.  Minimum requirements include that the interested party must hold a minimum grade of GS7 or equivalent, have good verbal and written communication skills, and be objective.  Each counselor should only be required one or two inquires per year, thereby impacting minimally on the primary duty position.  In order to meet legal requirements, prospective counselors will attend a five-day training program.  Each individual will be required to successfully pass an end of course certification examination.  The dates of this training program will be announced for those nominees selected at a later date.

Employees interested in applying for EEO collateral counselor duty need to complete an Interest Form (link below) and submit it to the CNREURAFSWA EEO Office.

EEO Collateral Duty Interest Form

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