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Inter-Cultural Relations

Have you been assigned to Sigonella, Italy? And you don’t yet know what to think of this situation. Well, here’s a helpful hint. Why don’t you think of it as a new chapter in the book of your life? What an advantage you have! Since you are the author of this book, it’s up to you as to how it begins and ends.

The Intercultural Relations for Newcomers (ICR) program provides direct assistance topersonnel and families relocating to an unfamiliar culture. The program focuses on understanding the Italian culture, language, culture adaptation and culture shock. It can help to make this the most colorful and exciting chapter of your life. It is a three-day course offered by the Fleet and Family Support Center, two days of which are classroom and one day is a trip to downtown Catania. It usually runs from Friday through Tuesday.

What we are here to do, is to provide knowledge about Italian culture, its values system, customs and traditions, culture adaptation and cultures shock. Familiarity with them will lessen the stress of your move; thus, giving you the chance to enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Italy and its people. ICR impacts the effectiveness and productivity of our personnel and adjustment of their families, reducing the “risk of failure” due to stress, family crises, or on-the-job frustrations.

During ICR, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with others, and to interpret and apply this new knowledge in your personal life. We, in the ICR program, are here to help you with the stress connected with change and above all to provide you with skills and self-confidence to enable you to live and work in new and unfamiliar culture.

Remember, when you start to recognize cultural differences, you open the door for personal growth. You will learn more about yourself, your background, and the diversity that surrounds you. Make the most of this experience. It can be the gateway to a whole new world. Be patient with yourself. As time passes, you will gain more accomplishments and experience fewer concerns.

Our goal is that when this chapter of your life comes to an end, it will bring back many memories of fondness and joy. This is possible because your stay in Italy is what You Make Of It!

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