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Passports and Visas


Military family members should have two passports -- one government official or "no-fee" passport for entry into Italy is required and a tourist passport if they wish to travel. Civilian component personnel and their family members are also required to have the same. Check with your local PSD for passport forms and information. You should start processing applications as soon as possible after receiving orders to avoid travel delays. Servicemembers may travel to NATO countries using their military identification cards while under orders or NATO leave papers. However, tourist passports are recommended for personal travel and are required for many non-NATO countries. Non-military personnel and their family members should carry their passports with them while traveling in Italy. To best protect yourself, make a copy and keep it separate from your original in case it gets lost or stolen.


Italian law requires all civilians who enter Italy, except European Union citizens, to obtain visas prior to their entry into Italy. This law does not require active duty service members to have visas. Civilians who are visiting Italy for less than 90 days as tourists do not need visas. Personnel who arrive in Italy without the proper documentation will be returned to their country of origin at their own expense. What type of Visa do I need? Members of the U.S. civilian component and U.S. contract workers who are pending orders to Italy must obtain visas for work purposes ("visto per motivo di lavoro") prior to traveling to Italy. Family members of the U.S. military or civilian component and dependents of U.S. contract workers must obtain visas for family purposes ("visto per motivi di famiglia") prior to traveling to Italy. Obtaining your Visa: Visas can be obtained through the assistance of the PSD of the detaching command or at one of the Italian Consulate Offices in the United States (call before you go). For a listing of the Italian Consulate Offices, go to Visas cannot be obtained once personnel arrive in Italy.

Information Worth Repeating:

Remember that family members of the U.S. military or civilian component and dependents of U.S. contract workers traveling to Italy and remaining for more than 90 days must have a visa before arriving in Italy.

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