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Privately Owned Vehicles

Since you can't drive to Italy from the states, it must be shipped via cargo ship from one of the many points of debarkation in the United States. Contact your local transportation office for more details on how to ship you vehicle. It will take approximately 2 months to arrive in Sicily so plan accordingly. Before you drop your vehicle off for shipment, ensure you have no more than one quarter of a tank of gas and that it is clean. You can ship some basic car accessories such as extra oil filters in the car but don't plan on shipping any household goods in it.

Operating a vehicle in Sicily is somewhat complicated. Be aware of several important facts before you bring your vehicle to Sigonella. Parts for American and Japanese models are hard to come by; it helps to send maintenance items such as oil filters, tune-up kits and air filters before leaving the U.S. Due to the heavy concentrations of dust and ash in the air, it would be wise to ship several air filters, especially if your car uses custom or oversized filters. Parts can be ordered, but may take several weeks to arrive. Unleaded gas is readily available.

The Personnel Property Office (PPO) will notify you when your vehicle has arrived. To accept delivery of the POV, you must have:

1) mandatory liability insurance; which is available from local Italian insurance companies, as well as U.S. companies such as GEICO or USAA, and

2) the Military Registration and Certificate of Title issued from the Motor Vehicle Registration Office (MVRO).



To register your vehicle, you must present the following:

1. a U.S. Forces in Italy motor vehicle operator's license
2. a current stateside driver's license valid throughout entire tour
3. shipping document
4. stateside registration
5. PCS orders


Ration cards are necessary to purchase petroleum product coupons. Coupons sold at the Navy Exchange greatly reduce the cost of gasoline (about $6.00 a gallon without coupons). Primary AFI-registered vehicles are the only vehicles authorized for petroleum coupons, which are intended for home to work travel. The maximum amount that can be authorized is 400 liters of gasoline and eight liters of oil per month. Your ration will depend on the size of your vehicle's engine. Secondary AFI-registered vehicles (i.e., second & third vehicles) are not authorized purchase of petroleum coupons.

Your gasoline authorization can be suspended at any time without notice, if you do not meet statutory requirements for all vehicles owned.

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