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Vehicles shipped at government expense cannot be released without proof of valid insurance. Italian insurance documentation is required. Third party liability insurance is mandatory in Italy for all autos, trucks, and two-wheeled vehicles. The policy conditions and premiums are established by law and are standard throughout the country. Premiums vary according to the horsepower of the vehicle and the location where the vehicle is registered. If a vehicle has been insured with only the minimum coverage under law, liability for death or injuries to passengers in that automobile is not covered. To provide this insurance, the owner must specifically ask his/her insurance agent for the coverage.

Insurance costs can be greatly reduced before your arrival to Sigonella by following this simple tip: ask your insurer to write a letter documenting how many years you've driven safely without a claim. When you arrive in Sigonella take this letter to the insurer here. The letter will justify a great reduction on your insurance premium. Comprehensive and collision coverage are not included in the compulsory insurance. They are completely optional and specifically must be requested of the insurance agent. Also, comprehensive and collision coverage is not always available through Italian insurance companies.

When considering whether or not to obtain comprehensive coverage, remember that the maximum the U.S. government can pay for a damaged or stolen vehicle under the Personnel Claims Act is $2,000 regardless of the actual value of the vehicle. Many stateside insurance companies are not licensed in Italy. United Service Automobile Association (USAA) policies are valid in Italy for those eligible (officers and enlisted). GEICO is available through the "Landmark Ins. Co." Check with your stateside company about coverage in Italy. Italian documents must be obtained locally prior to operation of the vehicle in Italy.


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