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Welcome to U.S. Naval Air Station Sigonella, the logistical "Hub of the Med!" Due to its crucial and strategic location in the center of the Mediterranean, NASSIG plays a vital role in supporting joint and combined operations in the European theater, and provides the shortest logistics route from CONUS to Southwest Asia and the Indian Ocean. The importance of the base is reflected in our mission: to provide logistics and fleet support to U.S. military and NATO forces throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East, while ensuring the highest quality of life for our Sailors and their families stationed here.

Base Sigonella is an Italian Air Force base commanded by an Italian colonel. NAS Sigonella is a tenant command, which means we share the base with our Italian hosts. Although a tenant of the Italian Air Force, NASSIG acts as landlord to more than 30 other U.S. commands and activities. Each command has its own unique structure according to the support service it is tasked to provide.

Major tenant commands include the U.S. Naval Hospital Sigonella, CTF-67, EOD Mobile Unit-8, Fleet Industrial Supply Center (FISC) Sigonella, AIMD Sigonella, and the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Sigonella. The air station's Operations Department operates the C-26 transport aircraft that, in concert with deployed Naval Reserve C-9, C-40 and C-130 aircraft, provide logistics support throughout the European theater and Middle East.

NASSIG celebrated our 50th anniversary in June 2009 and NASSIG continues to be one of the fastest changing naval air stations. With a major base recapitalization nearly complete, NASSIG is undergoing a facelift that has not only provided modern, comfortable housing and impressive MWR facilities, but will ensure Sigonella's viability well into the next century. While the main business of any naval air station is flying, carrying out our common mission takes the teamwork of all hands; both tenant commands and air station departments. Together, we can provide first-rate fleet support, while taking care of our Sailors and their families, all in close cooperation and friendship with our Italian hosts.

NAS Sigonella, which is home to over 4000 military and civilian personnel including family members, has rapidly expanded its mission as the hub of naval air operations in the Mediterranean Sea. Sigonella, an Italian Air Force Base, plays host to not only a bustling naval air station conducting round-the-clock operations, but it also as a NATO maritime airfield, which due to its crucial location, plays a vital role in supporting joint and combined military operations in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Africa.

During your tour of duty in Sicily, you will be much more than an American tourist. As a temporary resident and guest of Italy, you are expected to conduct yourself at all times as an "ambassador" of both America and the U.S. military. The importance of providing a positive image is obvious. Your responsibility to help provide such an image extends beyond the workplace to your daily interactions with your neighbors, shopkeepers, and Sicilians you may encounter on the street. Your job as a diplomat will be made easier if you attempt to learn and understand the language and customs of our host nationals.


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