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Order Application Process

Scheduling an AT/ADT at Rota:

  1. Review "CNE Reserve Opportunities" to determine if and when your skills are required. Contact the OSO via email with your Rate, NECs and availability.
  2. NR Rota Unit members coordinate with unit CO/TO. This includes members Cross Assigned IN (CAI) to a Rota unit.
  3. Non-NR Rota Unit Reservists: your CO or TO must send an email to OSO granting permission for you to perform an AT at Naval Station Rota.

Applying for a Billet Control Number:
a. Reservists must apply for a Billet Control Number (BCN) online at

Click on: "AT Apps & Other Info",

  • Then click on: "Apply for a BCN online."
  • Next, select "ROTA" as your location.
  • Fill out and submit BCN request.

b. Telephone calls from individual Reservists are strongly discouraged. (Exception: E-7 and above must contact NAVSTA Rota Operational Support Officer directly for Dates/Project Availability.) Remember there is a minimum of a six-hour time difference between East Coast and Spain and nine hours difference on the west coast. Contact via e-mail is preferred.

c. NAVSTA ROTA Operational Support Officer will provide start/end date and Work Center assignment in conjunction with BCN, NORMALLY WITHIN 7 days of BCN request. Be advised, request are not always handled on first com/first served basis. Requests are ordered with the most immediate time frames being processed first. However, if you haven't received a reply w/in 2 weeks, call or email to check status of request.

d. Once a BCN is assigned, Reservists and/or Reserve Units are not to change start dates without first notifying NAVSTA ROTA Operational Support Officer. A change in date may require a new BCN to be assigned. More than one change per individual will not be considered by this command.

e. Members MUST inform the Operational Support Officer by E-mail or fax of any order CANCELLATIONS. SELRES receiving a BCN that do NOT report at the designated time will not be considered for future AT's at NAVSTA Rota.

f. There is no need to forward a copy of member's orders to this command.

3. Rota ATs normally begin Monday, so you should request commercial air departure on the preceding Saturday (you'll spend Saturday night in the air). Submit orders request with BCN and passport number in NROWS. Rota UIC is 62863; destination airport is Jerez de la Frontera (XRY). Use OSO as POC in Rota.


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