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Rental Cars

RENTAL CARS ARE REQUIRED FOR RESERVISTS STAYING IN TOWN OR IF ASSIGNED TO PORT OPS, Fuels Dept or Weapons!! If a Rental Car is not authorized, then Orders need to include authorization for "in and around local travel". Failure by Reserve Centers to authorize a rental car or local public transportation reimbursement will result in short-fused orders modification.
Rental car agencies at the Jerez Airport have government contracts. RENTAL CAR MUST BE AUTHORIZED ON ORDERS TO RECEIVE REIMBURSEMENT, DO NOT CHANGE COMPANIES.

Rental cars are covered for official use only.

No more than three (3) people should be assigned to each vehicle due to the small vehicle sizes.

SATO New Orleans must make reservations through or in conjunction with travel arrangements to ensure Government Contract Rate. Recommended reservations types are: "E" Economy class and "C" Compact class. ANY CLASS CAR RENTAL OTHER THAN THE AFOREMENTIONED ONES WILL BE CONSIDERED AN UNAUTHORIZED UPGRADE AND NOT SUBJECT TO FULL REIMBURSEMENT.

Be advised standard transmission is the normal rental in Spain.  Automatic transmission is considered an upgrade and the upgrade difference will not be reimbursable. If member requires an AUTOMATIC transmission, then orders need to state such and authorize payment for automatic.

Current Per Diem rates are available at the PSD Rota Website.

Verify fuel type of the rental car (unleaded "SIN PLOMO" or diesel).

Your speedometer and all speed limit signs are in kilometers not miles. (1 km = .625 mi) • There is NO right turn on red anywhere in Spain. There is NO right turn on red on the Naval Base.

Due to potential thefts, and for safety/security reasons, it is strongly recommended that nothing be left visible within the vehicle when left unattended.


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