FDNF Rota - General Q&As

Q1.      Can we purchase firearms in Spain?
A.       Yes, but for these firearms bought overseas you must request an ATF approved to ship them back to U.S.

Q2.      Can we bring personal firearms into the country, and if so, where and how do you register them?
A.       Yes, you can, and all of them must be registered through the Security Department.  Please see pages 12 - 13 of the Welcome Aboard Package for specific requirements and restrictions regarding firearms. http://issuu.com/navstarota/docs/welcome_aboard_package_2013

Q3.      I plan on retiring in Rota. Is TAP available?
A.       T-GPS is available and is required.

Q4.      Where could I find Brochures (NAVSTA Rota Welcome Aboard)?
A.       Find the digital Welcome Aboard Package by visiting http://issuu.com/navstarota/docs/welcome_aboard_package_2013

Q5.      How often do AMC/MAC flights operate to Rota?
A.       All AMC flights are subject to change due to mission requirements. The AMC Patriot Express is a contracted commercial carrier that has bi-weekly flights in and out of Rota.

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