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Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center Sigonella - Rota


 Our Mission

Provide logistic, business and support services to the Navy, Coast Guard and Military Sea Lift Command, as well as other joint allied forces.



 Our Vision

We will align our organization, people, strategy and processes across the enterprise in delivering combat capability through logistics, optimizing resources in the timely, adaptive delivery of the right products and services at the right time and the right place.

 About Us

Located at Naval Station Rota in Southwest Spain, Fleet & Industrial Supply Center Sigonella – Rota is one of seven sites under Fleet & Industrial Supply Center Sigonella. FISCSI is the seventh and newest FISC to join the Commander, Fleet & Industrial Supply Centers worldwide network and officially established on March 3, 2005.

 NAVSUP FLC-Rota provides the following services to our fleet & installation customers:


  • Logistics Support Center (LSC) services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Contracting Services
  • Hazardous Materials Management (CHRIMP Center)
  • Household Goods Operation
  • Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants (POL) Management
  • Postal Services


Main Office

Administrative Assistant 727-1688

 200RT Contracting

Contact personnel at Requisition Processing/Customer Service


410RT Hazmat/Chrimp

Hazmin Center 727-2832

Hours of Operation 0830-1630


420RT Fleet Mail Center/ Post Office

Fleet Mail Center 727-2977 / 1442 / 2709

Hours of Operation 0900-1700


Post Office 727-3105 / 3106 / 2158 / 2248

Hours of Operation 1000-1700


430RT Requisition Processing/Customer Service

Customer Service 727-2266 / 727-1671

Hours of Operation 0900-1630


430RT Logistics Support

Fleet Support 727-1743 / 1195

Hours of Operation 0900-1630


440RT Transportation

Shipping 727-2255 / 2115 (customs)

Receiving 727-2881 / 2967

Hours of Operation 0900-1600


460 Personal Property/Household Goods

Personal Property 727-2419/1623/1624/1627

Hours of Operation 0830-1600

 Customs 727-1039

Hours of Operation 0800-1700


700RT Bulk Fuels

Bulk Fuels 727-4012 / 727-4011 / 727-4013

Hours of Operation 0700-1700


 N43 Aviation Fuels

Aviation Fuels 727-1407 / 1654

Hours of Operation 24 hours a day



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