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Housing Q&A

Are there government quarters aboard the Naval Station?

Yes, our inventory provides two, three and four bedroom units designed for officers and enlisted service members. Unaccompanied housing (Barracks) for service members in pay grades E-4 and below on unaccompanied orders, whether shore-based or sea-based, is required to live in UH upon arrival to NAVSTA Rota.

Is there a waiting period for housing?

As there is in most installations waiting times varies. On-going repair works, peak season (Aug-Sept), etc. could be a factor for the waiting time. Historically the average waiting time is less than two weeks depending on the type of unit qualified. Applications may be submitted at the Housing Service Center (HSC) or prior to arrival using the Housing Early Assistance Tool (HEAT), which can be found at .  HEAT will not allow the HSC to place the service member on the waiting list. If an application is submitted within 30 days of arriving, the member’s effective date on the waiting list is the date of detachment from the last permanent duty station.

How do I know the size home for which I will be eligible?

Entitlement at NAVSTA Rota is based on one bedroom for member or member and spouse, then one additional bedroom per child. In accordance with CNO instruction, there are certain situations in which members' entitlement is based on grade, regardless of the number of family members.

Who is eligible to apply for on base housing?

Military personnel, DoD civilian employees on Permanent change of Station (PCS) orders assigned to Naval Station, Rota. Eligibility does not ensure availability of, or assignment to Housing.

Can I apply for housing even though my family members will not be arriving till later?

Eligible members may apply for housing even if their family members are not arriving until later. However, assignment to housing will not be made until after the family members have arrived.

Can I send my application now and get on the waiting list before I arrive?

Applications may be submitted at the Housing Service Center (HSC) or prior to arrival using the Housing Early Assistance Tool (HEAT), which can be found at .  Please be advised HEAT does not allow the HSC to place the service member on the waiting list.  Applications are available at the HSC and must be submitted with a copy of the PCS orders, detaching endorsement and a copy of the record of emergency data (page 2) and page 13, command sponsorship.

What services do you provide for single service members?

Single members who are eligible to reside in the community (E-5 and above) can take advantage of all the services offered by the Housing Service Center. This includes our showing services to locate housing, contract execution and support, loaner and partial furnishings programs, etc.

What type of electrical service is there in Spain?

The electrical system in Spain is 220 volts/50Hz. This is different from the American standard of 110 volts/60Hz. Homes in the community are 220V/50Hz. Electrical service on base, however, has been "Americanized." The electrical system on base, including all government homes, provides 110 volts/60Hz.

What is housing like in the surrounding communities?

There is a variety of dwellings in the local communities; apartments, single family homes, duplexes and townhouses. Homes range from 900 square feet to 3,000 square feet. It largely depends on where you select to reside. Visit the Housing Service Center and speak with the off-base specialists to find the home that fits your needs. is also a good source to view variety of dwellings close to the installation.

Do homes have central heat and air conditioning?

 On-base units have central heat and air conditioning. The majority of homes in the surrounding communities have individual heating and cooling units (split units).  Many new homes, townhouses and apartments have centralized heat and air conditioning. Butano (propane bottles) are used for water heaters and gas stoves.

Will I be able to use my gas barbecue grill there?

With a small modification and small investment to your grill, you can use the butano.  This will require the replacement of the existing hose and connection. The replacement hose and connection are available on the local economy, as well as the NEX. They will be happy to assist.

If I have too much furniture, will the government store it for me?

 No. Non-temporary storage of household goods is unauthorized and non-existing. Private storage facilities are limited in Spain. Determine what you don't need and put it in non-temporary storage prior to PCS.

Should I bring my own major appliances?

Not recommended.  The local electrical system is 220V/50Hz and American appliances are normally 110V/60Hz. The Housing will provide you a stove, refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer for the duration of your tour. On base-units are equipped with appliances.

How can I find housing in the community if I don't speak the language?

The Housing Service Center's counselors are bilingual Spanish Nationals who are very knowledgeable and will assist. They will assist with the language barrier. They will serve as your translator, as well as provide you with their insight and knowledge of what’s available in the community.

Are temporary furnishings available until my household goods arrive?

Yes. The Housing Service Center's loaner furnishings program will provide you with the essentials (e.g., sofa, loveseats, dining table/chairs, beds, dressers, etc.) for up to 90 calendar days. Fleet and Family Readiness Services can provide hospitality kits such as; pots, pans, dishes, silverware, linens, blankets, small appliances, etc.

Where can I stay until I find permanent housing?

Newly arrived service members may be authorized up to 30 days Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA). Navy Lodge is located on base. If room is not available, a Statement of Non-availability must be obtained from the Navy Lodge before making any arrangements for commercial lodging. A list of Military Discount facilities/Hotels rate is available at the Housing Service Center. Reservations for TLA accommodations are normally made by the member's sponsor prior to arrival. When making reservations at commercial lodgings, ensure the hotel knows you're in a TLA status so you receive the military discount rate.

What type of self-help program is available?

Self Help Store is strictly for on-base residents. We carry numerous items such as lawn and garden equipment, water hoses, sprinklers, etc. HSC can provide more details upon arrival.

Are pets allowed in TLA accommodations?

Some, though not all, commercial facilities allow small pets. The Navy Lodge does allow some pets. Check with your sponsor.

Are pets allowed in on base quarters?

Yes. A maximum of two domestic pets (i.e., dogs or cats) is authorized.

Will I be able to have access to the Internet?

Yes, HSC can assist with obtaining internet and Wi-Fi. There are several service providers in the area. Prices vary depending upon the provider and the period of service (e.g., three months, six months, etc.) for which you sign-up.

I've heard that obtaining telephone service is both difficult and costly. Is that correct?

No. NEX provides telephone service to homes on base for a standard fee. Prices vary depending on the plan you choose. Many who reside here choose to use voice over internet protocol (VOIP) services. You can purchase VOIP services through the NEX or through nationally known telephone providers.

What cell phones are available in Spain?

Cellular phones are very popular and fairly inexpensive in Spain. Many use the pay as you go service and load minutes onto their phone. There is a cellular service provider in the NEX complex. Consider bringing your smartphone with you and unlock it prior to arrival. In order to establish a contract with the Spanish service provider, you will need a NIE which is the equivalent of a Spanish social security number. Visit the security department to apply for a NIE.

Am I going to have to live without television?

American Forces Network (AFN) is available free of charge for all US personnel assigned to Naval Station Rota. On-base units have cable access to the American Forces Network (AFN). Community reception is limited to Spanish stations, unless a satellite system is installed. With a satellite dish installed a decoder will be provided as part of your loaner furnisher (one per family). Housing does not provide satellite dish. NEX has AFN decoders for purchase if you decide to install two. You can use your regular American television with the AFN broadcast (on or off base). Check out the AFN website at for schedules and other info.

What is the level of crime for residents in the community?

Burglaries and petty theft occur in virtually all communities, including those around the NAVSTA Rota area. Most homes have enhanced security devices, such as window bars, solid entry doors with multi-lock deadbolts, etc. These devices may deter burglars, but they do not make a home impenetrable. While burglaries are not uncommon, violent crime is virtually non-existent in southern Spain.

Any suggestions on things I should purchase and bring with me for my future home?

Both the NEX and local stores should be able to meet the majority of your shopping needs. Unique items that you use may be something you will want to obtain in advance.



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