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You are about to take the first step in enjoying what will be an exciting and challenging tour in the center of Italy.  Duty in Italy offers opportunities of a lifetime.  This goes for travel, recreation, professional development, education and more.  The key to enjoying a successful tour lies in remembering that living in Italy is not like living in the United States.  The customs, culture and way of life here are significantly different than what you are accustomed to.

Italian homes are very different from American homes with tile or marble floors, no closets and few, if any, kitchen cabinets.  Electricity is 220 volt/50 cycles.  Additionally, shopping, driving and dining are different as well.  Some people find it hard to adjust, but embracing the food and the warmth of the people you meet will help you make the transition.  Base projects have improved the quality of life for those assigned here, but remember, the key to a successful tour in Italy lies in your willingness to learn and adapt to the differences you encounter.

Any move is filled with stress and distractions, and your move here will be no different.  Culture shock, jet lag and many other irritants will likely be a part of your PCS experience.  Your sponsor will help you adjust and get settled.  Coming prepared will minimize your worries.

Also, I encourage you to review the NSA Naples Panorama, and Joint Force Command Naples web pages to familiarize yourself with the area. Naples is a great place; you are literally living on top of thousands of years of history.  Bring your sense of adventure and be ready to explore all the area has to offer.


Welcome Aboard!

LCDR John A. French

Officer in Charge                                       
U.S. Navy Element, Joint Force Command Naples

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