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Can I write a check to pay for my road taxes or license plates?
No, you must bring Euro to pay for the fees.

If I purchased an Italian plated vehicle, can I get tax free fuel for it?
Yes, as long as you started the Police Check and you have a Notarized 
bill of sale from an Italian Notary and insurance.   We can approve up 
to 200 liters of gas that will be used against your monthly rations.

If I ship a car to Italy and rent a vehicle in the meantime, can I get tax free fuel?
Yes, just bring in your rental agreement along with your PCS orders and 
the documents that were given to you when you shipped your vehicle.  
This will be used against your normal monthly rations.

Additional Information

Whether you own an old clunker or a brand new Mini Cooper, you need to abide by Italian registration laws, including restrictions on importation and exportation of motor vehicles.  Most people know that they need to register their car with the Motor Vehicle Registration Office (MVRO).  But note that they can only register up to three vehicles at any given time.  Other facts you will need to know before your tour is over:

Sponsors and newcomers may get extra fuel allowance
If you are a sponsor or newly arrived in the Naples area, you may be authorized an increase in your fuel allowance to drive around looking for housing, getting to know the area and finding your way to work (and getting lost).  Certain restrictions apply.  Full details can be obtained from the Office of the Foreign Tax Relief Program at Capodichino.

You must re-register your vehicle yearly
The Italian government requires vehicles to be registered each year.  During re-registration, MVRO will verify several things including checking that your insurance is up to date and that you have current orders to be in Italy.  If you fail to re-new your registration, you will lose your tax free fuel privileges and be at risk of having your vehicle towed.

Scrap Holding Lot
The Scrap Holding Lot is located at the Support Site near the POV lot. Members are advised not to leave cars they intend to scrap by the gas pumps for more than 24 hours.

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