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Each individual must register their vehicles through the NSA Motor Vehicle Registration Office (MVRO).  Once you register your car with MVRO you are in the Allied Forces Italy (AFI) system and you will be issued Italian cover plates free of charge.  You will pay a one-time registration fee of 20 Euro.  If you register more than one vehicle, the second and/or third vehicle(s) is/are subject to payment 
of Italian Road Tax, based on engine horsepower (HP) the taxes average from approx. 35 – 700 Euro annually.  This is a property tax, not a use-based tax and must be maintained for every second or third vehicle in order to have a valid registration.  Additionally, every time your insurance certificate renews for your primary vehicle, you will be required to revalidate your registration in order to receive your tax-free petroleum products.  Receiving fuel privileges requires all registered vehicles have valid registrations at all times.

Please note:  all new registrations, transfers of ownership, or scrapping transactions must be performed by the sponsor OR the dependent must have a Power of Attorney to perform these functions.

All vehicles must meet the criteria set forth in: 

Vehicles failing to meet inspection criteria will have gas rations suspended until appropriate repairs have been made. Contact our office if you plan to buy a European vehicle outside of Italy and drive it into the country to register in the AFI system.


Registration of vehicle
For incoming POV’s (POV lot) please click here

If you need info on registering a vehicle driven from another European country, please click here

Italian to AFI plates
If you need info on registering a vehicle already registered in the Italian system, please click here (English and Italian version)
If you need info on registering a new vehicle bought locally, please click here

If you need a list of local customs Brokers please click here

AFI to AFI transfer
If you need info on transferring your AFI vehicle to another AFI eligible member please click here

Registration of motorcycle
If you need info on registering a motorcycle, please click here

Registration of moped

If you need info on registering a motorcycle, please click here
Revalidation of vehicle
If you need info on revalidating your vehicle please click here


* Must report to the Office of the Foreign Tax Relief Program located in the Capodichino Supply building. Call 081-568-5439 (commercial) or 626-5439 (DSN) for additional information
* German fuel coupons are NOT authorized by MVRO Office.

Leave fuel

If you need info on Leave Fuel please click here
Leave Gas Request form please click here

Sponsorship fuel
If you need info on Sponsorship Fuel please click here

Stolen vehicles
If your vehicle gets stolen please click here

Lost or stolen cover plates
If your cover plates get lost or stolen please click here

If you need info on nationalizing your vehicle (putting an AFI-registered vehicle into the Italian economy) please click here


Scrapping of vehicle
If you need info on scrapping a vehicle please click here

If you need a towing companies list please click here

Shipping out and Driving out
If you need info on shipping out or driving out your vehicle please click here


Power of attorney
If you need info on POA please contact us or RLSO

Missing EPA/DOT Stickers
Through accidents or repair work, the EPA or DOT compliance stickers in vehicles can be destroyed or lost.  This is obviously a problem if the owner wants to later ship that vehicle stateside.

Missing EPA sticker problems can be solved by FAXING copies of a stateside title, original certificate of origin, or an old state registration certificate to 202-565-2057.  The turnaround time is 5 - 7 days.  The 
owner needs to provide a complete address so the staff can mail an acceptance letter that USCS will honor at the port of entry in CONUS.

Missing DOT The member must contact the original manufacturer and obtain a letter stating that the vehicle meets DOT safety standards. The letter can be an original or fax, but must be identifiable as from 
the original manufacturer, i.e., with letterhead, logo, address / phone number, legible signature over printed name etc.  The letter must also contain the VIN number and statement that the vehicle meets DOT 
motor vehicle safety, bumper and theft prevention standards.  No standard wording or format is required.  The owner takes the letter to the local TRANSCAR Vehicle Processing Center, which faxes it to their main office for review. When the main office gives final authorization, the local office adds the letter to the processing package.

NOTE 1 -  Must be Italian insurance certificate (CONTRASSEGNO DI ASSICURAZIONE).  Insurance must be in the Sponsor’s name and valid for minimum of six months.  Failure to maintain insurance will be sufficient grounds for immediate termination of registration, driving privileges, and may result in disciplinary actions.  MVRO does not control Insurance agency operating hours! Be prepared!

NOTE 2 -  2nd or 3rd duty-free vehicles require Italian Road Tax payments ranging from approx. 35 – 700 Euro annually, based on vehicle engine size.  MVRO will issue road tax receipts for payment at GSF cash cage.

NOTE 3 - Safety Inspections are accepted from the NEX Autoport only.  The safety inspection is valid for a maximum of 15 days.  Safety Triangles and vests are required by Italian Law and must remain in the vehicle.

NOTE 4 - All MVRO transactions must be completed by the Sponsor, unless the Family member holds a valid Power of Attorney!  ALL NATO personnel are required to have a "Duty Free Privilege Letter" signed by authorized personnel at the Pass & ID Office at AFSOUTH.

MVRO Phone number will be: Comm: 081-811-6876  / DSN: 629-6876 ; MVRO Fax: DSN 629-6881 or Comm: 081-811-6881

Last modified on August 2021


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