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Shipping Back to the States
Military and DOD Civilians are entitled to ship one privately owned vehicle from CONUS-Overseas, at government expense.  The vehicle you ship enters Italy free of import duty.  The Italian Ministry of Finance (Customs) authorizes DoD and NATO personnel to possess no more than three privately owned motor vehicles for personal and/or family member's use.  However, the second and third vehicles (car, motorcycle, truck or van) when registered, becomes subject to payment of the annual Italian road taxes.  The Italian Department of Motorization defines a motor vehicle as either an automobile or a motorcycle with engine power exceeding 1.5 HP and engine size exceeding 50cc. 

Therefore, if you ship an automobile, you would be limited to only one motorcycle or moped shipped with your household goods.  All mopeds, motorbikes and motor scooters shipped with household goods are entered duty free but must be licensed and registered with the Motor Vehicle Registration Office.  The Personal Property Shipping Office near you can provide information on where to go to arrange for shipment of your POV.  When turning in your POV for shipment it is extremely important to ensure the vehicle identification number or VIN shown on documents 
matches the physical description shown on the POV.  An error may constitute delay in receiving and prevent registration.  Additionally, there are no restrictions as to color, age, dimensions, or special lighting of POV's imported.  Vehicles shipped must be in mechanically safe operating condition and must undergo a detailed safety inspection before registration.

Spare Parts
Supply of parts and maintenance for U.S. cars is often inadequate.  Regulations make the use of seat belts and child protective restraints mandatory for all drivers and passengers so be sure your vehicle is equipped.  You can purchase new American cars, as well as foreign models from various sources on and off the base.  Automobiles, other than Italian makes, when bought in Italy, are imported duty free and deliveries can be made to Naples.  In addition, when buying Italian cars you are exempt from paying the Italian government excise tax.

Put aside approximately $1,000.00 - $1,500.00 for car insurance and registration fees prior to arrival.

However, the Navy Exchange is continuing efforts to improve its auto parts service.  Parts may be ordered and received in about four to eight weeks.  Some basic items you may want to ship:

  • A detailed maintenance manual
  • 2 sets of spark plugs
  • 4 oil filters and 4 air filters
  • 2 sets of belts
  • Name and address of mail source for parts
  • 1 complete set of brakes

(** parts may be ordered via the internet also)

An important note: DO NOT ship extra parts - or anything of value - in the car itself.  All too often items shipped in the vehicle are missing by the time the vehicle arrives.

If repairs are done locally please check with your maintenance shop if you are eligible for tax exempt parts.

If you need Iva Exemption on Parts and Repairs, please click here

Auto Insurance
Cost depends on make, model, year and the age of the drivers.  Vehicles shipped at government expense cannot be released for registration and use without proof of valid insurance.

The minimum amounts of coverage for automobiles, motorcycles, and mopeds are:

  • 2,500,000,00 EURO total per accident
  • 2,500,000.00 EURO total per person for personal injury
  •    500,000.00 EURO against property damage.

Third party liability insurance is mandatory in Italy for all autos, trucks, and two-wheeled vehicles over 50cc engine displacement.  The policy conditions and premiums are established by law and are standard 
throughout the country.

Premiums vary according to the horsepower of the vehicle and the location where the vehicle is registered.  If a vehicle has been insured with only the minimum coverage under law, liability for death or injuries
to passengers in that automobile is not covered.  To provide this insurance, the owner must specifically ask his/her insurance agent for the coverage.

Insurance costs can be greatly reduced before your arrival to Naples by following this simple tip.  Have your current insurer write a letter documenting how many years you've driven safely without a claim.  Once 
you arrive in Naples take this letter to the insurer here.  The letter will get you a great reduction on your insurance premium

Comprehensive and collision coverage are not included in the compulsory insurance.  They are completely optional and specifically must be requested.  Also, comprehensive and collision coverage is not always available through Italian insurance companies.  When considering whether or not to obtain comprehensive coverage, remember that the maximum the U.S. government can pay for a damaged or stolen vehicle under the Personnel Claims Act is $2,000.00, regardless of the actual value of the vehicle.  Many stateside
insurance companies are not licensed in Italy.  Please check with your Sponsor.

Check with your insurance company and the nearest government transportation office concerning insurance coverage during shipment overseas.  It is a good idea to have new policies become effective "upon arrival of the vehicle in Italy."

Cancellation of insurance or any other failure to maintain required coverage will be sufficient grounds for immediate termination of all registration and driving privileges and may result in disciplinary action.

Missing EPA/DOT Stickers
Through accidents or repair work, the EPA or DOT compliance stickers in vehicles can be destroyed or lost.  This is obviously a problem if the owner wants to later ship that vehicle stateside.

Missing EPA sticker problems can be solved by FAXING copies of a stateside title, original certificate of origin, or an old state registration certificate to 202-565-2057.

The turnaround time is 5 - 7 days.  The owner needs to provide a complete address so that CMVRO staff can mail an acceptance letter that USCS will honor at the port of entry in CONUS.

Missing DOT  The member must contact the original manufacturer and obtain a letter stating that the vehicle meets DOT safety standards.  The letter can be an original or fax, but must be identifiable as from the original manufacturer, i.e., with letterhead, logo, address / phone number, legible signature over 
printed name etc.  The letter must also contain the VIN number and statement that the vehicle meets DOT motor vehicle safety, bumper and theft prevention standards.  No standard wording or format is required.  The owner takes the letter to the local TRANSCAR Vehicle Processing Center, which faxes it to 
their main office for review.  When the main office gives final authorization, the local office adds the letter to the processing package.


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