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Welcome to the Naval Support Activity Naples Italy, SJA page.  Our hours of operation are as follows:

Monday 0930-1400  Tuesday 0930-1030  Wednesday - Friday 0930 - 1430.

We can be reached at DSN 626-6213 or by email at



 Private Organization:  An NFE (Non Federal Entity) is a self-sustaining organization.  In order to operate on board NASUPPACT Naples, you will need to gain authorization from the installation Commanding Officer by to following a few simple steps listed below:


  • Create By-Laws in accordance with, (CNIC Instruction 11000.1) and all mandatory provisions.

  • Request letter to operate NASUPPACT Naples, Italy, signed by the president of the NFE.

  • Provide a financial statement.

Attached is all of the paperwork needed to start/renew your private organization.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us at , or call our office at DSN 626- 6213.

Private Organization Instruction 

Private Organization Request Letter

Private Organization Mandatory Language

Private Organization Checklist

Sample By-Laws


Continued Logistical Support Is a special request that allows the dependents of service members to remain temporarily in the country after their sponsor has departed.  In order to facilitate this request, you must first complete the following:


  • Complete the request letter

  • Obtain first endorsement from Commanding Officer

  • Provide a copy of orders.

Coordinate with your command admin to continue OHA beyond your departure date.  NSA Naples cannot assist with this matter.


Continued Logistical Support Instruction

Continued Logistical Support Letter

Continued Logistical Support First Endorsement 


*No request will be granted for longer than 90 days*


Base access less than 90 days:  If your request is for less than 90 days and requires no tax free privileges such as, the Commissary or the Navy Exchange; report to Pass and ID with your passport, CAC card, or your drivers license.


Base access more than 90 days:  If your request is for more than 90 days and/or requires tax free privileges the requirements are as follows:


  • Complete request letter

  • Provide completed letter to include, a front and back copy of the requestors ID as well as, a front and back copy of the requested individuals passport and visa.


Base Access Request

Please use the provided form and Matrix.  For conferences or other special events please email us at .

*All requests must be submitted 10 working days prior to date or requested access* 


Privacy Act requests/Reports made to Base Security:   The Staff Judge Advocate’s office does not keep copies of any reports or statements.  To make a Privacy Act Request please submit the document below to us at .


Privacy Act Request 


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