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Motor Vehicle Registration

Can I write a check to pay for my road taxes or license plates?
A) No, you must bring euro (cash) to pay for the fees.

If I purchased an Italian plated vehicle, can I get gas coupons for it?
A) Yes, as long as you started the Police Check and you have a notarized bill of sale from an Italian Notary and insurance. We can approve up to 200 liters of gas that will be used against your monthly rations.

If I ship a car to Italy and rent a vehicle in the meantime, can I get gas coupons?
A) Yes, just bring in your rental agreement along with your PCS orders and the documents that were given to you when you shipped your vehicle. This will be used against your normal monthly rations.

Personal Property

How long is it going to take for unaccompanied baggage/household goods to arrive in the United States?
A) 45 days Unaccompanied Baggage East Coast
A) 55 days Households goods East Coast
A) 70 days Unaccompanied Baggage West Coast
A) 80 days Households goods West Coast

How many bottles of wine can I ship? 
A) Minimum 30 bottle, no maximum. Weight is charged against your weight entitlement.

How do I set up delivery of inbound shipment?
A) Contact the PPSO inbound section in person or contact the local agent directly.

How do I submit personal property claims for damage/missing items?
A) Go to and click on DOD Customer Claim/CSS. This will provide detailed instruction on how to file a claim.


How long does it take a letter to get to Naples from the US? 
A) 4-7 days

Can we mail off wine?
A) Not through USPS/Military Postal System. Contact PPO for transporting wine through HHG during a PCS.

What type of services do you offer?
A) Express Mail, Insurance, Certified, Return Receipt, Delivery Confirmation, Registered mail, and Money Order services.

Do I have to wait in line if I have five or more boxes?
A) No, contact the post office and we can schedule an appointment before normal finance hours.

Where can I get boxes?
A) We have free USPS Priority/Express Mail boxes. Customers can also use the Pack and Wrap on the Support Site.


Can I schedule a Traffic Safety Brief with the Safety Office in order to obtain a driver's license through the 
Motor Vehicle Registration Office (MVRO)?
A) No. The Traffic Safety Brief is conducted as part of the NAVSUPPACT Naples Area Orientation (AO). AO is conducted every other week (the Traffic portion is typically done on Tuesdays) at the Support Site Theater.

When is the next AAA class?
A) You may visit the CNIC Naples Safety website for a schedule of classes. You may register, provided you have an ESAMS account, by logging in and checking under the section "Classroom Training Schedule." If you don't have an account you can still visit the ESAMS website at: 

When is the next motorcycle class?
A) You may visit the CNIC Naples Safety website for a schedule of classes. You may register, provided you have an ESAMS account, by logging in and checking under the section "Classroom Training Schedule." If you don't have an account you can still visit the ESAMS website at: 

How do I register my motorcycle?
A) In order to register a motorcycle with the MVRO, the Safety Office must verify that you have a valid driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement and that you possess a valid Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) card.  If you are not in possession of an MSF card, then you must complete a class taught by the Safety Office.  Additionally, the Safety Office will need the specifications of your motorcycle in order to issue the authorization letter.

How do I access ESAMS?
A) Contact the safety office at DSN 626-4857 for instructions.

How can I have new Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) approved for use?
A) In order to have a HAZMAT approved and included on the Departmental Authorized Use List (AUL) the requestor must contact the FISC-Sig Det Naples "CHRIMP," complete the AUL request form and send a copy of the request and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to the Safety office for review. The Safety Office in conjunction with the USNH Industrial Hygiene Office and the NAVFAC-PWD Environmental, will review the documents submitted. If approved, the new products will be added to the requestor's Command AUL.


How do I arrange for a tour of the Fire Station?
A) Just give us a call at DSN 629-4999. Sometimes our crews are able to show you and your family around with short notice but for groups it is best to schedule in advance. You are welcome in our house and we will be happy to answer questions about equipment, fire trucks and how we do our job. 

We are having a command-sponsored function and would like to use the Fire Department's Bounce House. 
What is the best way to do this?
A) Give us at least two weeks advance notice and call DSN 629-4999. Please be aware that the Bounce House is only available for command-sponsored functions and not for individual or family events.

I have always been interested in the fire service. Are there any volunteer opportunities available?
A) Yes, definitely! The Naples Fire & Emergency Services is proud to have established the first Auxiliary Fire Fighting Force (AFFF) several months ago and it is going strong. Military and civilian DoD employees are eligible to earn a spot on the AFFF and become trained and DoD certified Firefighters after meeting certain criteria. You will have the opportunity to learn, practice and eventually respond to fires and emergency rescue situations as a full-fledged firefighter. The skills and experience you gain will benefit your community, your command and your life. Call 626-5222 for more information.

I want to make sure my family knows what to do if there is a fire in the house. Do you have any information that might help us be prepared?
A) We certainly do. Our Fire Prevention personnel are part of the mandatory Area Orientation for newcomers and are constantly providing training to tenant commands, Fire Wardens, ombudsmen, installation organizations and businesses. We have personnel, events, displays and information at Festa Americana in July, National Night Out n August and Fire Prevention Week in October. Need more information? Give us a call at DSN 626-6626. We can help with home safety and fire drills, fire extinguisher training, evacuation plans and many more ideas for staying safe at home, work and school.

Is there anything I need to know about the smoke detectors in my assigned housing unit?
A) Definitely! If you hear the unit chirping, it's time to have the battery changed. Give the Housing Office a call at DSN 629-4295 and they will schedule someone to do this. You should also test the unit monthly by pushing the button so that the alarm sounds briefly. If it doesn't, give the Housing Office a call. Another very important thing is to check he back of the smoke detector when the battery is being changed. There will be a manufacturer label with an expiration date. If this date is past, the detector needs to be replaced immediately. If the label is missing, the detector needs to be replaced. And make sure the outside of the unit is kept clean by dusting with a soft, clean cloth. Otherwise the unit may not be able to detect a fire until it's too late or you will be bothered with false alarms.  he most important thing to remember is if you hear a fire alarm or smoke detector going off: CALL 911 to report it.  he alarms and smoke detectors in our residential buildings are not wired to a central alarm system. So get out of he building and call! We'll do the rest.

Government Purchase Card

Can I use “Pay Pal” for Internet Purchases?
A) Third party payment merchants (e.g. PayPal) will be considered high risk transactions and will require a etailed review. Most times the CH (cardholder) does not know the vendor is using a third party payment merchant until after the fact. Use of these services does not enable DOD/DON to block inappropriate purchases ither systemically or at the card account level through MCC tools. In addition, these services do not offer our rogram officials the same dispute and chargeback protections offered by Visa.

Where it is identified that the purchase will be processed via a third party payment merchant, the CH should make every attempt to choose another merchant with whom to procure the goods and/or services. If it is still found ecessary to procure using a third party payment merchant, the AO (Approving Officer) must ensure there is adequate supporting documentation showing that there was a detailed review of the purchase and that the use of the third party payment merchant was unavoidable.

If the transaction is not flagged by the DON approved audit tool then the AOs are required to add the transaction nto the audit tool to initiate the review whenever a third party payment is identified.

Ref: NAVSUPINSTR 4200.99: PayPal/Third Party Vendors

Can I buy gas with my GCPC? 
A) It is permitted to use the Purchase Card when the Fleet (fuel) card is not available. NAVSUPINST 4200.99 states gasoline or oil purchases for DON vehicles and vessels are permitted ONLY if the Fleet Voyager (fuel) card s "not accepted" (if an exception is required, compliance with the micro-purchase threshold must be in place).  as or “G” Coupons are a little different than buying gas overseas. DESC has stated that the Fleet MasterCard should not be used for “G” Coupons; therefore, it's appropriate to use the Purchase Card.

A CH is not authorized to purchase bulk fuel or any other P.O.L. (petroleum, oil, lubricants) products form AGIP, ESSO, or any other gas station on the local economy, the only P.O.L. product that we are authorized to purchase with the Government Purchase cards are the "G" gas coupons thru the NEX. However, CH must obtain an approval through fill-out Tax Free administrator for the purchase of “G” coupons- and can be purchased at the NEX customer service desk. The forms will be provided by the Tax Free Office as well.

Can I use my GCPC to buy bottled water? 
A) No. The General Accounting Office (GAO) has held that, in a variety of cases under the “necessary expense ule,” appropriated funds should not be used to pay for subsistence or to provide “free food” to government employees while at their duty stations. As such, bottled water is considered a personal expense and government salaries are presumed adequate to enable government employees to provide their own food and beverage.  ctivities still wishing to supply water coolers for the purpose of providing bottled or spring water to individuals within the workplace should establish a “water fund” to cover such rentals. Appropriated funds may be used to supply safe drinking water if the local water has been tested by medical/health professionals and classified as on-potable due to health concerns. (Proof of the classification must be maintained on file).

Intercultural relations

How do I use local public transportation to get from the Support Site to Aversa?
A) Purchase a Unico Campania E1 ticket, from any Tabacchi store on the economy or the coffee bar in the Support Site's food court. The cost is euro 1, 20, and has the validity of 60 minutes. It has to be bought in advance and validated on the bus.

Take the CTP T63R bus across from the base (Via Boscariello) to Aversa (get off at Via G. Mazzini, near Hotel Del Sole). The bus continues through Aversa.

The CTP bus line “T63R” offers transportation from the Navy Support Site to Aversa train station and vice versa.  rom the Support Site it runs every hour, (on the hour), from 0700 to 2000. From Aversa it also runs every hour, 30 minutes past the hour), from 0730 to 1930.

How do I use local public transportation to get from the Support Site to Naples?

A) Purchase a fascia U3 Unico Campania multiple ride ticket, from any Tabacchi store; the cost is euro .80. This ticket has a validity of 140 minutes, and has to be bought in advance and validated before or during the first ride.

Take the CTP T63R bus across from the base (Via Boscariello) to Aversa Train Station (get off at Via G. Mazzini, ear Hotel Del Sole). Take the train from Aversa Train Station to Napoli. It is the last stop, Piazza Garibaldi Station. For more information call DSN 629-6372.


Who do I call to file a trouble call for government quarters after hours?
A) The housing trouble desk is manned Monday- Friday from 0730 until 1600 at DSN 629-4285/4286. After 1600 Mon-Fri, or on weekends and US/Italian holidays, you must contact the NSA quarterdeck at DSN 626-5547. The person on watch will determine if your problem requires immediate action or if it can wait to until the next working day. If your problem meets the criteria, they will contact on-call personnel and they will contact you to coordinate visit by maintenance personnel. Remember, for routine maintenance and emergencies during the normal working hours contact the trouble desk, for after hours emergencies contact the quarterdeck.

What should I do and who do I call if my carbon monoxide detector activates?
A) If your carbon monoxide detector activates and you live on the Support Site, first open all windows, shut the main gas valve, then call the emergency dispatch center at 911. Secondly, check the battery, as the unit will activate if the battery is low. Change the battery to determine if unit is functioning normally. If you live in one of the parcos, open all windows, shut the main gas valve, and check the battery. Change the battery to determine if unit is functioning normally. If the unit still activates, contact the quarterdeck at 081-568-5547 they will coordinate assistance. The base fire department cannot respond to emergencies off base.


Why is my Transfer Information Sheet (TIS) being routed via the Command Pass Coordinator (CPC)?
A) The CPC has to track the TIS for several reasons:

1. There are “comply with” items listed on your PCS order that needs to be completed within 15/30 days of 
     receipts of orders.
2. The CPC is your direct link to PSD.
3. The CPC will be able to assist you in completing your TIS.
4. The CPC will be notified if TIS is not received within 10 days.
5. The CPC is also responsible to verify the package for accuracy before forwarding to PSD to prevent 
    further delays.

What if the CPC cannot answer our questions, can we still go to PSD?
A) Yes, if you are not satisfied with your CPC's response and you think going to PSD is the answer, then the CPC can arrange an appointment for you with your respective PSD clerk. [note: alternate verbiage: Yes, your CPC can arrange an appointment for you with your respective PSD clerk.]

What do I do with my TIS?
A) Read it carefully and start filling out the forms. After completing the form, route the TIS via your chain of command for approval.

Once my TIS is approved, what do I do next?
A) Give your TIS along with the enclosures to your CPC so he/she can bounce it with their tracking. The CPC ill also submit the TIS to PSD via Transaction Online Processing System (TOPS).

What is Transaction Online Processing System (TOPS)?
A) All PSDs have been using the TOPS web-base workflow tool since 2007. TOPS was initiated to track all PSD transactions, replacing previous, and sometimes faulty, methods for collecting, distributing and tracking work. TOPS offers customers real-time turnaround dealing with pay and personnel administration, and includes features such as reporting data, file uploading, communication tracking for accountability, and four levels of user accounts (providing audit capabilities) and continuous status reporting on all transaction activity. TOPS works as a primary resource for the transmission of personal identifying information. Using this web-based tracking system, customer commands may submit, track and receive feedback on pay and personnel related transactions securely and in a timely manner. All navy commands world-wide are mandated to utilize TOPS.

Can I deliver my TIS to PSD after showing it to the CPC?
A) No, all documents submitted to PSD must be submitted via TOPS.

My transfer month is DEC 2011, what will be the earliest date that I can transfer?
A) Earliest is December 1, 2011. If you wish to be transferred earlier than DEC 2011, an order modification request must be submitted by your command to your detailer.

I requested 30 days leave and it is also specified on my orders, can the command deny my request?
A) Yes, final authority for PCS leave is the detaching command.

I want 1-month advance pay with 12 months payback before I transfer, what do I have to do?
A) Complete the advance pay request form that is attached on your transfer package. CO's approval is not required for E-4 and above personnel if the request is only for 1 month advance and 12 months pay back.

When can I get my advance pay?
A) You can request to receive it 30 days prior to departure or up to 60 days upon arrival to your next duty station.

Am I authorized DLA if I am coming from home to my first permanent duty station, separating from the service, or recalled to active duty?
A) DLA is not payable.

I have completed my check out process, what do I do next?
A) Provide a copy of completed check out card to PSD. Your transfer package will be given to you a day prior to your transfer. If you are transferring on a weekend or holiday, your package will be available for pick up the Friday prior to your transfer.

Public Works

Why does the trash sometimes build up at the Support Site?
A) Waste management services are provided by the Municipalities. The Municipalities have delegated trash collection responsibility down to the various Comunes for management and execution. Thus, the Comune of Gricignano is responsible to collect trash at the Support Site through a service contract agreement between the Comune and an authorized trash collector. Neither Mirabella nor the U.S. Navy has contractual authority to manage and/or enforce this service contract (i.e. withhold payment for lapses in service, issue a cure notice for delinquency, etc.). Mirabella, as our LESSOR, can only facilitate trash collection service through coordination with the Comune, to the extent permitted by Italian Law.  The U.S. Navy, as a TENANT on leased property, cannot legally collect, transport or dispose of trash at the Support Site through a traditional facility service contract managed by Public Works.

Smaller scale issues typically stem from improper segregation of bulk items/electronics or recyclables. The dumpsters at the pickup points are designed to contain non-recyclable, urban waste. If a community member disposes of a mattress or television at one of these locations, the entire contents of that pickup point will remain until the mattress or television is removed. These items are considered "bulk or hazardous" by Italian law, and are disposed of by the Comune separately. If you have any such items in your possession, please call the Housing trouble desk at DSN 629-4285/6 to schedule your FREE pickup.

Likewise, we have two main recycling collection points at the Support Site for cardboard and plastics.  Improper segregation will also result in pickup lapses. Please do your best to ensure your recyclable finds its proper home.

Is the water safe to drink across the Naples area (both on and off base)?
A) WATER ON BASE: Water on the following Government facilities has been declared potable (safe) by 
U.S. Naval Hospital Naples Preventive Medicine:
Lago Patria
Carney Park
Gricignano Support Site

This water is regularly tested for over 110 contaminants by the NAVFAC Public Works Naples Environmental Division and U.S. Naval Hospital Naples Preventive Medicine. Test results and any corrective action necessary for safe operation of the drinking water systems are discussed at the NSA Naples Installation Drinking Water Quality Board which meets quarterly and is chaired by the Installation Commanding Officer.

As test results become available, drinking water Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) are prepared annually and can be found at: 

Additionally, a list of the chemicals that are routinely tested as well as the frequency of testing for each chemical is available at:

WATER OFF BASE: Testing for water off base is the responsibility of the local Italian water purveyor and the local public health department (ASL). If the water purveyor detects that a chemical or a microbiological test is out of compliance, policies are in place to temporarily declare the water non-potable (unsafe), increase monitoring activity, notify the ASL and coordinate corrective actions.

In 2011 Commander, Navy Region Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia (CNREURAFSWA), with assistance from Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center, completed a Public Health Evaluation (PHE) that included two and a half years of environmental testing to identify potential health risks associated with living in the Naples area.

We found that there was contamination from bacteria (fecal coliform/total coliform), nitrate and tetra-chloroethene (a volatile organic compound, also known as perchloroethylene or PCE) primarily in non-permitted private well water of many homes. Lead was found in a limited number of homes, and arsenic was widespread. Arsenic is naturally occurring and is common in volcanic areas such as Naples. Although arsenic is a natural part of the Naples environment, residents should avoid exposure to the chemical by following the bottled water advisory. Tap water from municipal suppliers was typically safe.

Health protective processes already in place include:

Continue the July 2008 bottled water advisory indefinitely: all personnel living off-base should use bottled water for drinking, cooking, food preparation, making ice and for pets.

Existing NSA Naples Housing Lease clauses require the Landlord to:

1. Clean water holding tanks: if present in the home, water holding tanks will be cleaned and disinfected along with its associated plumbing twice a year and prior to the occupancy of a new tenant.
2. Provide bottled water from a Navy-approved vendor.
3. Connect the home’s plumbing system to the municipal water supply and disconnect from non-permitted wells.  The home must be connected to either the municipal water supply or to an appropriately permitted drinking waterwell to be eligible to rent to U.S. personnel.

Off-base rental homes are subject to random oversight visits by Navy Housing personnel and scheduled inspections prior to re-leasing.

For more information on water quality monitoring on and off base, please visit:

For more information on the PHE findings, several fact sheets and a summary can be found on the Naples Community Health Awareness website at:

Physicians and health professionals at the U.S. Naval Hospital Naples Environmental Health Information Center (EHIC) are available to discuss any environmental health-related concern. EHIC can be reached at DSN 314-629-6299 or 081-811-6299.

What should I do if I observe an environmental spill?
A) Anyone discovering/causing an Environmental spill needs to immediately report it to the Emergency Dispatch by calling the 911 (on Base) or 081-568-4911 (Off Base or Commercial). The Emergency Dispatch notifies all the involved parties: NSA Fire Department (First Responders), Safety, Environmental, Security and he Command Duty Officer (who notifies CO/XO and PAO).

The Fire Department conducts first responder actions including addressing life-safety issues, controlling the spill source, initial containment, site stabilization, safety and security zone coordination assisted by NSA Security.

When clean up and required reports are completed and no further action is required, Fire Department secures response operations and Emergency Dispatch and notifies all parties involved.

Environmental ensures that all collected spill residue and contaminated clean up material is properly packaged, stored and disposed of. Environmental also ensures that spill prevention training is provided.

Why was the Capo Ciao Hall closed?
A) The Ciao Hall was closed as a Galley approximately 8 years ago because there were not enough personnel in the Naples area on rations in kind to justify the expense of a military dining facility. CNIC has established criteria for operating a galley (>100 Rations in kind (R.I.K.) members, <$27.00 subsidy per meal, <27% cash sales) and NSA Naples was deficient in all three categories. Transitioning to Comrats and COLA for service members saved the Navy approximately $1.8 M per year in operating expenses, and gives members eligible for R.I.K an additional $631/mo, depending on the COLA rate.

How do I report maintenance requirements in my workplace?
A) Emergency calls are situations that require immediate response to prevent adverse impact to mission, harm o government property, harm to natural resources or danger to personnel. They can be reported by anyone calling the PWD Trouble Desk at DSN 626-4981. For emergencies, PWD will respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a maximum response time of 2 hours.

Other maintenance issues should be reported via authorized command representatives. On a yearly basis, all commands are asked to provide a list of people authorized to submit service calls to Public Works. If you need to be added to the list, please report the issue to the appointed POC for your Command. Service calls by authorized representatives can be either submitted via email at or via phone at DSN 626-4981 from 0730 to 1530, Monday - Friday. Completion time for routine service calls is 10 days.

More detailed information can be found in the following instruction: 
NAVSUPPACT Naples 11000.1E dtd 6 Dec 2010.

How do I ensure the best janitorial services in my workplace?
A) Janitorial services are measured on a Common Output Level (COL) system. Common Output Level is a four-level system for describing Navy’s delivery of Shore Services and Support Services. The janitorial services for NSA Naples is funded at COL 4 which provides basic services such as sweeping and emptying office and common area trash cans once a week.

PWD staffs Performance Assessment Representatives (PARs). PARs are on-site representatives assessing Contractor performance. These individuals can be contacted anytime with questions about the schedule or services they are receiving.

PAR contact info is available on the Janitorial Service Schedules. The Service Schedules are posted in ach facility and contains the following information:• Level of Service, Location, Bldg. # and Activity Name
• Monthly Schedule, Contract Requirements and standards, frequencies, days and hours the service is performed
• A Recycling Guide for the different typology of waste
• Whom to contact for any discrepancies: Office phone #, PAR responsible, his office extension and mobile phone #


Who are the authorized patrons of the NEX?
A) A valid U.S or NATO ID is required for access and shopping privileges. IDs are checked at point of sale. Any patrons other the Americans do have shopping privileges, so seeing somebody "Local" in line is not neccessarily a violation of any policy.

Does my house guest pass give me access to the NEX?
A) A house guest pass is a multi-day pass that gives the guess unescorted access onto the base(s) indicated on the pass. It does not grant privileges or permissions to use the facilities or services on the base. Those authorities come from separate policies and user agreements for the facilities based upon regulations, bilateral agreements and the NATO Status of Forces Agreeement. 

I'm getting poor timeliness of service and response by the Quality of Life Service Center.
A) Our residential services staff serve approx. 4,000 customers. They take many gas appointments, TELECOM and ENEL issues over the phone. Besides servicing walk-in customers, our associates intervene ith the various companies we deal with, whether it's gas, telephone service, ADSL, TELEPASS or electricity issues. Associates are advised to call back their customers and inform them of action taken, whether they have an answer of not. Unfortunately, we have no say in the contracted companies methods of elivery, work schedules, etc. The most we can do is follow up with them constantly.


Why do we have to pay a euro for a shopping cart at the commissary?
A) This policy was implemented by the installation commander to ensure shopping carts are available for all commissary patrons.

Is the produce sold at the commissary purchased locally in the Campania Region?
A) No. Produce sold at the Naples Commissary is purchased from Northern Italy (Aviano) from PADOVA Produce Market.

Why do I have to show ID cards when entering the commissary and when paying for my groceries?
A) 100% ID check entry into the commissary is required by the installation commander to allow access to authorized patrons only; ID check at the point of sale (register) is required by DeCA Directive to ensure that purchases are limited to authorized patrons.


Can you request books from either of the libraries (Capo/Support Site)?
A) Yes, books, audio-visual items…can be sent from Capo to Support Site or vice-versa. Thanks to the inter-library loan program, books and certain other items can also be requested from other libraries within the CNREURASFWA region - such as NAS Rota, NAS Sigonella, etc.

Can I make suggestions for items not found in the libraries online catalog?
A) Yes, suggestions for books to purchase in our collection can be made by using the Library suggestion cards found at the front desk.

Is Wi-fi available at the MWR libraries?
A) Yes, Wi-fi is available at both the Capo and Support Site libraries. This service is available 24/7.


Why are Officers and married couples not eligible for the Liberty discounts and activities?
A) The Liberty program is designed specifically for the unaccompanied (single or unaccompanied) junior enlisted E-1 through E-6, ages 18-25. The Navy subsidizes the program to offset some of the expenses for single service members, who may not have the resources or social network systems in place that officers or married couples have. The objective is to create opportunities for eligible single service members to discover new life skills and hobbies, through events and trips.


Do I have to sign-in everyone when I come in? 
A) Yes, all patrons are required to sign-in the daily log upon entering.

Why can’t I eat wherever I want in the pool area? Why do I have to eat only in the designated areas?
A) Food in the pool is unsanitary and could result in problems with the filtration system. Confining food to specific areas of the facility reduces the possibility of rodent and bug infestations.

Why can’t I use certain items/toys in the pool?
A) CNIC guidelines prohibit use of aquatic toys and equipment in the pool enclosure at any time. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, rafts, kickboards, inner tubes, scuba gear, swim fins, masks, water wings, balls, frisbees,inflatable objects, or other similar items. The use of these items is only authorized for organized programs or classes conducted outside the regular hours of operation. Kickboards and other items of equipment used for lap swimming are authorized. The use of U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal floatation devices is authorized anytime. Portable radios, televisions, or music devices (except small devices equipped with head-phones) will not be permitted by patrons in the pool enclosure anytime.


Why can’t we add more of a particular class i.e. Zumba, Yoga, Spin? 
A) Navy Fitness standards are based on the installation’s active duty population, and are designed to meet the war fighter’s readiness needs. These standards limit the number of group exercise classes a fitness program can offer. Naples currently has exceeded its upper limit and cannot add additional classes. Classes are scheduled based on instructor availability, compliance to standards, and most importantly, active duty participation.

Why is it so hot/cold in the facility?
A) Working towards energy conservation, selected temperature control ranges for summer and winter periods have been established. Although the temperature is maintained within the established guidelines, temperature fluctuations may also be noticed based on facility usage.

Why are we not allowed to participate in CrossFit style workout activities in the fitness facilities?
A) Currently, CrossFit is not NCCA accredited. The CNIC Navy Fitness program will not endorse this type of fitness program until they have more data that appropriately reflects the effectiveness and safety of the Cross Fit training methodology. However, CNIC has implemented the TRX system to all overseas installations this past spring in addition to the NOFFS training platform. As in NOFFS (Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Series), the TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) provides high-end functional strength training similar to Cross Fit.

Why are there so many children in the gym? / Why doesn’t the gym offer more programs for the youth?
A) Children are permitted into specific areas of the gym depending on their age. Children under 10 years are only allowed to use the gymnasium, aerobics room and racquetball courts under the direct supervision of a parent or adult over the age of 18. Children aged 10 to 14 are permitted to use the cardiovascular training equipment after completing a Fit Tour provided by gym staff. Children in this age group must also be under the direct supervision of a parent or adult over the age of 18. Children over the age of 15 must undergo a Fit Tour to be granted full access to the facility. The Youth Center offers youth programming allowing greater flexibility thus providing a safer environment for the children, and offering an area more suitable for parents to watch their children participating in the activity.

Child and Youth Programs

When a family attends AOB/ICR are they guaranteed Child-Care at the program appropriate for their children. 
A) We do not guarantee a spot, however we do everything we can to accommodate families. To help with the process it is vital for Sponsors to make reservations for Child-Care as soon as they are assigned to a family and know the dates of arrival. Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance.

Summer Camp is now at Support Site, whereas in the past it has been at Carney…Why?
A) Program Related:
-Increase in Capacity for Summer Camp Program
-Children are not in the outdoor elements all day.
-DoDD School Partnership
-Free On-Site Marketing by the Camp Adventure Counselors
-More efficient use of CYP Staff at our Support Site Locations
-Support Site Resources for Youth Educational Opportunities used with the Summer Camp Program ie. 
Vet Clinic, Library, NEX, Commissary, Theatre, Post Office.
-Ability to provide Community Service Projects on Support Site as a regular part of the Summer Camp 
-Increase in Programming/Recreation Time for all children
-Decrease in Food Preparation and Transportation costs
Efficient Use of Teens hired in the Teen Employment Grant
-High Visibility of the CYP, creating interest for those families that may not be aware of the program. 
-Increase in CYP Staff morale because all staff and resources are located in one location.
(Reminder-Camp does go to Carney twice a week, Wednesday and Fridays)

What programs make up NSA Child and Youth Programs?
A)  Support Site and Capo CDC’s, School-Age Care Program (currently only at Support Site Youth Center), Teen Program (Support Site Youth Center), School Liaison Officer Program, Youth Sports, Child Development Homes (currently 4), Food Service in all of our programs

Is there a waiting list for Child Care at NSA Naples?
A) Yes, there is a small waiting list at Naples. Currently we are working to clear that list by adapting our classrooms to the list. It is vital in any Child and Youth Program to adapt to the needs of the community.  We are constantly reexamining our list and it is the goal of the Child and Youth Programs Director to keep the list short or cleared at all times. 


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