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Medical and Dental Care

Medical Care

The Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) permits the U.S. Naval Hospital to provide medical care to U.S. military personnel both active duty and retired, their bona fide family members, and other specified U.S. personnel who are present in Italy by virtue of their support of NATO organizations. The Naval Hospital is located on the NSA Naples Support Site in Gricignano and has a branch clinic at Capodichino. 

Important Phone Numbers (note: from a commercial line, dial +39-081-811-XXXX. From a DSN line, dial 314-629-XXXX):
Ambulance request line - 4911 or DSN 911
Central Appointment - 6000 or 6272/3
Same-day/Next-day appointment - 6000 or 6272/3
Emergency Medical Department - 6150
Questions concerning medical care should be directed to:
U.S. Naval Hospital, Naples Italy
PSC 827 Box 1000 FPO AE 09617-1000
ATTN Head, Patient Administration

Overseas Screening: because most subspecialty medical and surgical services are not available, to ensure all types of both emergency and chronic care, an overseas screening process must be completed by all military, civilian personnel, and their family members prior to their arrival in Italy.

Newborn registration: Families expecting a new baby during their tour in Naples should bring their original birth certificates (both parents) and their original marriage certificate. These documents may also be required for passports as well.

Central appointments: Appointments are scheduled by calling the central appointment desk, Monday through Friday, during normal working hours.

Patients with medical problems that exceed local capabilities must be transferred either to local community healthcare services or other military treatment facilities in Europe or CONUS via the military medical evacuation system at great expense.

Primary Care Appointments: routine appointments are scheduled by calling the appointment office at DSN 629-6272/3 or local commercial 081-811-6272/3Monday through Friday from 0730-1600

Primary Care Clinic: Acute/Urgent care appointments may be obtained by calling for a same-day or next-day appointment from the Primary Care Clinic at DSN 629-6272/3 or local commercial 081-811-6272/3 - Monday through Friday from 0730-1600.

Emergency Care/Ambulance Request: Emergency care is available in the Emergency Medical Department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.The ambulance request line is DSN 911 or local commercial 081-568-4911.The Emergency Medical Department phone numbers are: DSN 629-6150 or local commercial 081-811-6150. If an emergencyoccurs and you need an ambulance, try to have clear directions to the location of the patient.

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP): Contact Fleet Liaison at 081-811-6325 for information on EFMP.

Power Of Attorney: minor children not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian cannot receive care unless a special power of attorney has been obtained from Naval Legal Services Office and is present in the child's medical record.


Dental Care

Dental care is available at the Naval Hospital at the Support Site and Capodichino.  The dental clinics provide a wide range of dental services. Priority for treatment is highest for active duty and active duty family members, then retirees, family members of retirees, and DoD civilians, in that order. Appointments may be limited due to staffing constraints. For Support Site appointments call DSN 629-6007. For appointments at Capodichino call DSN 626-4644.

Prosthodontics and Orthodontics are limited in their availability. Prosthodontics is limited by the demand created by active duty personnel. Orthodontic care is provided primarily to continue treatment initiated in CONUS prior to receipt of orders overseas. Patients who have braces placed after receipt of orders to Naples are not eligible for continuation of treatment. Rarely, a few new orthodontic patients are accepted for treatment, and these are selected primarily based upon the severity of the case. It is strongly recommended that patients be in good dental health prior to departing the United States for their assignment to the Naples area.

DoD civilians and their family members are eligible for “space available care”. Federal law makes DoD civilians INELIGIBLE for prosthodontics and orthodontics, even if treatment was started prior to receipt of their job assignment to Naples. A fee for treatment, as determined by DoD, is charged for all dental work and services rendered to DoD civilians. Space availability is extremely limited for DoD civilians and their family members, and it is strongly recommended that all dental treatment be completed prior to arrival in the Naples area.


TRICARE Europe offers beneficiaries two options in the TRICARE system. TRICARE Standard is your standard CHAMPUS benefit and will always be available. TRICARE Prime is an enrollment plan for your healthcare. All active duty are required to enroll in TRICARE Prime. By enrolling in TRICARE Prime you will be assigned a Primary Care Manager (PCM) who is responsible for your entire healthcare needs. Enrolling in TRICARE Prime costs you nothing. If you need to use a provider in the local community (for a covered benefit) you will not incur a cost share or deductible that is incurred under the Standard TRICARE/CHAMPUS plan.
Your PCM will be a military provider located at the U.S. Naval Hospital, Naples, Italy or area Branch Health Clinic - Capodichino. If you need specialty care that cannot be provided at the Naval Hospital, you may be referred to our Preferred Provider Network (PPN) in the local community. All Preferred Providers meet our credential standards, have signed Memorandums of Understanding with the U.S. Naval Hospital and most speak English. We provide transportation and translation services to PPN appointments when necessary.
For more information about TRICARE please contact the Managed Care Office at the U.S. Naval Hospital, Naples Italy by calling DSN 629-6330/6331 or comm. 011-39-081-6300/6331.


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