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Religious Programs

HOW TO FIND THE SUPPORT SITE CHAPEL: The Chapel is in between the clock tower and the Navy Lodge courtyard. 
Support Site DSN: 629-4600
         Off-Base: 081-811-4600

HOW TO FIND THE CAPODICHINO CHAPEL: The Chapel is directly in front of where the bus-drop-off is and slightly to the right. 
Capodichino DSN: 626-3539
        Off-Base: 081-568-3539

NSA Naples Chaplains and their Faith tradition 
- Command Chaplain
        * Assembly of God
        DSN: 626-3085
- Deputy Command Chaplain
        * Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military 
        DSN: 629-4610
- Division Officer
        * Southern Baptist
        DSN: 626-3537
- Staff Chaplain
        * American Council of Christian Churches
        DSN: 629-4609

-DUTY CHAPLAIN NUMBER: +39-366-680-5972

Religious Program Specialists
-LPO  DSN: 626-3535
-ALPO: 6294608
-Staff RP: SS: 629-4600
            CAPO: 626-3539

According to SECNAVINST 1730.9, all information disclosed and conversations had with a Chaplain are 100% confidential, and that information is only disclosed with the individual's explicit consent. So if you ever need to speak with someone about a particularly sensitive topic or seek spiritual guidance, speak with a Chaplain to have 100% confidentiality. 

-Traditional Protestant Worship
        * Sunday at 0800 at the Support Site Chapel 
        * A traditional style of worship
        * Hymns and Liturgy
        * Sacraments
        * Reading of Creeds
- Contemporary Christian Service 
        * Sunday at 0915 at the Support Site Chapel
        * A modern style of worship
- Roman Catholic Mass
        * Saturday: Confessions start at 1600 and Vigil Mass starts at 1700, both at the                  Support Site Chapel
        * Sunday: Mass at 1100 at the Support Site Chapel
        * Daily Mass
                > Tuesday at 1200 at the Capodichino Chapel 
                > Wednesday at 1200 at the Support Site Chapel 
                > Wednesday at 1100 at the Hospital Chapel, TBD 
                > Thursday at 1200 at the Capodichino Chapel 
        * Catholic Religious Education at the Support Site Chapel 
                > Sunday, Roman Catholic CCD at 0930 
                > Sunday, Roman Catholic RCIA at 0930 
                > Wednesday, Lectio Divina at 0930 
                > Thursday, Weekly Bible Study at 1830 

- Hallelujah Gospel Service 
        *Led by Baptist Lay Leader
        * Held at the Support Site Chapel 
        * Tuesday, Bible Study at 1800 
        * Thursday (second of every month), Women's Ministry at 1600     
        * Friday, Prayer Meeting at 1800 
        * Saturday (first of every month), Men's Fellowship at 0800
        * HGS Service is on Sunday at 1300
        * Kids Sunday School at 1330 (second and fourth Sundays)  
- Jewish Community 
        * Led by Jewish, Lay Leader
        * For more information, contact the Chapel Offices
- Norse Pagan Community
        * Led by Norse Pagan, Lay Leader
                > Irminfolk Odinist Community 
        * Blots typically held on each of the eight major holidays.
        *  For more information:
                > DSN: 626-5915
Lay Leaders are a vital part of the Command Religious Program. They help support particular faith groups that is not currently represented by a Chaplain. If you want to become a lay leader, contact the Chapel Offices. 

If you want to join a COMREL or have any questions about COMRELs,  please contact the Chapel Staff. 

- Awana Clubs
- Chapel Youth Program
        *Sundays in the Youth Room from 1630-1800
          Wednesdays in the Fellowship Hall from 1730-1930
         Contact Youth Program Director for more information
          DSN: 629-4603
- Knights of Columbus
- Protestant of Columbus
- Catholic Women of the Chapel 

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