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Inspection Guidelines

30-3 Statement concerning OHA I.A.W. 30-3 CHAP 5, 5.2b

(Outside Household Articles) OHA may be any article stored outdoors, to include items stored in storage sheds, garages, basements and attics, if exposed to the open air or windows. OHA, once inspected, will be stored in such a manner to preclude agriculture contamination until it is shipped.

This means - once the Customs Border Clearance Agent visits your home and inspects OHA items, they may not be used again! I.e. -- motorcycles, lawn furniture, toys, lawn mowers, weed eaters, bicycles and BBQ pits. If it is discovered that a member utilizes a pre-inspected OHA item after the inspection, the members personal property shipment could be red lined.

"Cleaning OHA"
This could be one of the most important steps in preventing the spread of disease and insects into the custom territories of the United States.

Cleaning of all outside household apparatus will be conducted and inspected by the Customs Border Clearance Agent. All items not properly cleaned will be brought to the attention of the member. If these articles are not properly cleaned they could be restricted from your pack-out and left behind, or cause the shipment to become red lined.

Here are a couple of high risk items which must be thoroughly cleaned prior to the customs/agriculture inspection and there are no exceptions:

  • Lawnmower - ensure inside of wheels, wheel treads, under carriage, blade assembly, motor etc. are all thoroughly cleaned and free of grass, soil, and oil. Oil and gas must be drained.
  • Weed-eater - ensure the guard assembly, as well as the entire assembly, is completely free of dirt and grass. (Suggestions: soak the plastic guard assembly in bleach and water solution for 30min-1hr then scrub with a brush).
  • BBQ pit - current transportation regulations, no propane tanks will be included into your personal property household goods shipment or unaccompanied (express) shipment. No exceptions. Regardless if the tank is purged, never used (new), contains tags etc. it will not go. Cleaning BBQ- all BBQ pits will be free of soil, grease, oils, charcoal, spider webs, insects etc. The BBQ pits will be cleaned prior to the customs/agriculture inspection for approval. BBQ pits not cleaned prior to the inspector's visit could be restricted from the members pack out or could lead to the member's shipment being red lined.


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