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Moving Household Goods to the United States This brochure provides Customs information for U.S. Government personnel, both civilian and military, returning to the United States with personal and household effects after a tour of duty abroad.
Know Before You Go This U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection site has pages containing tips for returning residents and visitors, plus information on restricted and prohibited items, pets and animals, medicines, business travel, and government employee exemptions.
Traveler’s Tips
A USDA pamphlet on bringing food, plants and animal products into the USA.
International Mail Imports U.S. Customs answers your questions on mailing gifts and personal property to the States.
Travel Web Tips on international travel from the U.S. Department of Agriculture
Traveler Alerts U.S. Customs warnings on Cuban cigars, medication and drugs.
Importing pets Tips on importing cats, dogs and other pets and special quarantine requirements for birds.
Wildlife facts Information on taking wildlife products, ivory, hunting trophies and endangered species products to the States. Find out more about applying for import permits for ivory or other wildlife items on the endangered species list.
Embargoes Goods from Libya, North Korea and Cuba fall under U.S. trade sanctions (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these pages too). Click here for more facts on Cuban cigars.
Wine collections Tips on shipping your wine collection to the USA.
Personal importation of alcohol
Information on alcohol importation from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.
State alcohol laws While we have tried to find links to the liquor control boards of every state but some just don't have a home page yet. However, we have found 90 percent of them and will update as we discover more URLs.
Caviar People traveling to and from the United States are permitted to carry a maximum of 250 grams of caviar for personal use. Click on the link for more info from FWS (info on personal exemptions is at the bottom of page 3).
Currency The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection requires travelers to declare monetary instruments over a value of $10,000.
Gambling devices The Department of Justice explains the rules for importing a gambling device to the States.
It's Your Move This Special Report has been prepared to help you understand your entitlements and responsibilities concerning shipment of household goods, unaccompanied baggage, boats, pets, POVs and mobile homes.
Arriving in the USA by private plane When a private plane arrives in the United States, it must land at a Customs port or other place where Customs service is available. This pamphlet explains reporting and Customs formalities.
Arriving in the USA by private boat When a yacht or any other type of pleasure boat arrives in the United States, the first place it docks must be at a Customs port or other place where Customs service is available. This pamphlet explains reporting requirements and other Customs formalities involving pleasure boats.
Personal Search — What to Expect If you are selected for a Customs examination, it does not mean you are suspected of unlawful activity. The purpose is to verify the information on your Customs Declaration.
Compendium of Customs Laws This link includes many rulings, regulations, laws and the tarriff schedule.


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