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Prohibited Items

U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) has more than 1,500 agriculture inspectors with specialized training to detect and stop certain identified prohibited agricultural items from entering the United States. As potential carriers of animal and plant pests or diseases, the unauthorized entry of these items can cause serious damage to America's crops, livestock, pets, and the environment. Supported by a 500-member technical team and a Beagle Brigade that can sniff out hidden prohibited agricultural items with extraordinary precision, CBP agriculture inspectors work at key U.S. ports of entry and land borders that include U.S. international airports and mail facilities. Any travelers who fail to declare agricultural items on entry into the United States can be fined a civil penalty of up to $1,000 or more on the spot and will have their items confiscated.

Listed below are some Prohibited or Restricted Items

  • Drugs
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Turkish Water Pipes
  • Pornography/Obscene Materials
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables - Restricted by U.S. Department of Agriculture /Department of Customs
  • Meat products - sausages, hams/prosciutto
  • Dried fruits or vegetables
  • Dried flowers
  • Raw cotton (this may/can be found in antiques or furniture)
  • Burlap products
  • Prescription drugs
  • Batteries (Remove them from all remote controls, portable stereos etc. prior to packing. They can burst and cause damage to the item.)
  • Hazardous Materials such as flammables, corrosives etc
  • Paints (Flammable as well as possibility of spills and damaging items)
  • Perfumes or Colognes
  • Aerosol cans
  • Finger Nail Polish Remover (extremely flammable) Household cleaners
  • Beer, Alcohol or Wine (Restricted at this time from all personal property shipments. Members interested in shipping back a personal wine shipment should click on the link provided at the top of each page.)
  • Presepes.

The presepe sets found in the Naples area contain unauthorized materials for entry into the United States. These items contain natural/raw materials which under current regulations are prohibited from entry into the United States. The materials in question are: natural straw, grass, moss and cork/bark used in most of the presepes found in this area.

You can still purchase and enjoy the Italian Presepe if you would like. Presepes come in many different sizes and shapes as well as a variety of materials. Ceramic scenes may be purchased and return with members unquestioned. Figurines can also return with members no problems. Remember: no grass, bark, moss or other natural untreated materials.


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