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Housing Services


You must check in at the Housing Services Center (HSC) upon your arrival. During Area Orientation, a printed copy of the "Welcome Aboard" booklet, which includes information about housing, will be provided to you.

Incoming families will be directly assigned to Navy Family Housing if available. If a unit is not available for you, you will be assisted in locating a private rental on the local economy. Single enlisted personnel E-1 through E-4 will be assigned to Bachelor Enlisted Quarters on a space-available basis, while unaccompanied enlisted personnel E-5 and above must find off-base housing. Finding a new home and settling in are tasks that must be taken care of so that you can get to work and focus on your assigned mission and duties.

In the U.S., finding a new home can be completed in less than a week. You can utilize local "For Rent" magazines, newspapers, or websites and drive around and find a place to live. Utility hookups require a simple phone call and one can expect the service to be performed within 24 hours.

Italy is different, and not as simple. The pace of life is somewhat slower. Shops close in the afternoons, Sundays are reserved for family, and it seems that the entire country vacations together in August. These are some of the cultural norms you will need to adjust to. 

When we arrive here, we must wait for our personal property to make the long voyage across the ocean. Most of us do not arrive with Italian language skills, so we can't scan the local papers to look for rental properties, nor can we request utility hook-ups. Even if we could speak the language we still must wait for the required Codice Fiscale.

The list continues, but these items are enough to show you some of the differences. As Americans we pride ourselves on being self-sufficient and sometimes this seeming inability to get things done quickly can be frustrating. It contributes to our initial culture shock.

This is where the Housing Service Center can help.  HSC staff are trained professionals who will help you through the initial difficulties involved with setting up a residence in the Naples area. They are prepared to help you move into available government housing or, locate a suitable home on the local economy if government quarters are not available when you arrive.



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