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Economy Housing


The Housing Service Center (HSC), located in building 2073 (outside the back gate of NSA Naples Support Site), is the office in which the economy lease process takes place. For unaccompanied members E-5 and above, or accompanied members with a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) from the Assignments Office, members are entitled to live “on the economy”. The term “on the economy” is the same as saying, “out in town” meaning off base. Therefore, living “on the economy” means living off base.

From start to finish, the home selection process is designed to be complete within 60 days. This will require the member to be proactive in house hunting. For more information on the TLA process click here.  It is important to understand the “up-front cost” of PCSing to Naples. Approximately $7,800 will be needed for lodging if all 60 days are used. As long as TLA claims are submitted in accordance with the current instruction, then lodging costs will be reimbursed. However, this could take some time. If a loan is need, the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society offers an interest free loan to PCSing members.  On average 3-4 weeks to prepare the lease. This is why you must be proactive in your house hunting. If you do not find a home within 30 days you will be at risk of exceeding 60 days in TLA. It is also good to have multiple options in case a home falls.

Economy housing consists of a wide variety of apartments and villas throughout the Naples Area. From the beach life of Monte di Procida, Bacoli, and Baia to the city life of Chaia and Vomero and the mountains of Avellino, the Campania Region has it all. It is very important to know that there are areas identified as off-limits due to health concerns and safety concerns. Leases through the HSC will not be authorized in these areas. The two areas are classified as the Vesuvius Lease Suspension Zone and the Naval Public Health Evaluations (NPHE) Lease Suspension Zone. Click here for more information on these areas. Additionally, there are Landlords and certain properties that are off limits. Click here to view the off limits instruction.

The majority of properties are unfurnished, however, there are a few furnished properties available. Sometimes the Landlord will leave a few pieces of furniture in the house upon request. In Italy, tenants usually provide their own appliances, cabinets, wardrobes, and transformers. Many service members do not bring these items with them, and the costs are prohibitive, therefore, the Navy has established the Partial Full Tour Furnishings (PFTF) program to help. A few homes are equipped with both 110V/220V power; however, the majority are 220V. Most washers are cold wash only and most dryers are electric, though you can find homes with a gas dryer connection. Most homes are equipped with gas heat, and are made with plaster walls vice drywall. It is important to keep the home well ventilated to prevent mold.

The following economy housing services are available with the HSC:

Codice Fiscale:  A Codice Fiscale (CF) is the equivalent to a Social Security Number in Italy. You will apply for a CF at the HSC because it is a requirement for signing a lease in Italy. This application only applies to members who service members who are entitled to live off base. The HSC will not process applications for the service member’s family members or service members who reside on base (unless they have met their one year of occupancy on base and wish to relocate off base). Accordingly, if you do not have a CF, you will not be able to sign your lease. You will apply for a CF in your introduction paperwork. A scanned photocopy of your passport (not a picture taken with your phone) is required by the Italian government in order to accept the CF application.

House Hunting:  The HSC has a list of approved Realtors and Real Estate Agencies for use. These are not government employees, but they have been vetted through the HSC. These Realtors will be helpful in finding a home. They can provide transportation to and from base, and will fill out the Showing Form required to TLA reimbursement (see instruction above). You are not permitted to use the services of a realtor who is not on the HSC “Registered and Approved Agencies/ Realtor” list. NSA Naples Instruction 11101.9 requires that all leases be negotiated through the Housing Services Center. Disregarding this policy will void your Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) eligibility. It is not possible to ‘rent to own’ through the HSC, and the HSC does not provide services for purchases on the economy.

Click here for a list of approved Realtors and Agencies.

The HSC has prepared a database of all properties listed through the Naples and Gaeta Housing Offices. This database can be access through the official department of defense overseas home finding website at

Property Registration:  Once you find a place that you like, call 629-4466 or email M-NA-NSAHSGADMIN-GD@EU.NAVY.MIL to request either a temporary hold or a permanent hold. A temporary hold will reserve the home for 48 hours (working days). A permanent hold will reserve the unit and begin the lease preparation process, which begins with Property Registration.

Click here for our list of required documents for a property to be registered. If the property has already been registered, then this process will be much shorter than if the property is a “New Listing” or in other words, has not been registered in

Inspections:  All rentals listed by the Housing Service Center are inspected primarily for safety and security. This will ensure proper security alarms are install, metal shutters for the windows and doors, property banister heights and similar concerns are addressed prior to moving in. Additionally, other items such as suitability and utility connections will also be inspected. You may request to attend the inspection with the Counselor and the Landlord, but transportation will not be provided through the HSC.

Click here for our inspection checklist.

Click here for our list of requirement for a home to be rented through the HSC.

Pre-Contract Negotiations:  A Pre-Contract Appointment (PCA) is not always necessary. The purpose of a Pre-Contract appointment is to negotiate the rent with the Landlord and/or to apply for Advanced Overseas Housing Allowance (AOHA). AOHA is sometimes necessary for service members to get an advance on their OHA in order to pay the security deposit at the lease signing. A PCA will only take place after the registration has complete and may be scheduled prior to the completion of the Inspection. You are highly encourage to negotiate the lease price with the Landlord. This can be accomplished through the Realtor as well. An HSC counselor will help you negotiate a rental price, and ensure compliance with Italian law. The counselor will also help you identify any improvements you want, your responsibilities, and those of the Landlord.

Note: The lease agreement is solely between you and the Landlord, though the HSC will assist the negotiations.

Lease Signing:  After you have selected a prospective home, and all appointments for registration and inspection have been completed, HSC staff will set an appointment for lease signing between you and the Landlord. If a PCA is not necessary, then after the registration and inspection appointments are complete, then you will go straight to a lease appointment. The lease term is four years, though every lease includes the military clause, which allows members to terminate the lease if orders are received. At least 15-day notice is required in this instance. The HSC will generate a termination letter for you to give to the Landlord. If you wish to relocate for personal reasons, you may do so after the initial 6 months and every 3 months after that. In this case, at least 30-day notice is required to be given to the Landlord. You must have the security deposit equal to one month’s rent with you at the time of the lease appointment. This security deposit will be paid to the General Services Fund (GSF) located on the first floor of the Village Forum on Support Site. At the lease signing, you will fill out the OHA form. This form will be sent to PSD and you will then being receiving monthly OHA equivalent to your rent or OHA cap (whichever is lower). There is also a one-time Move-In Housing Allowance (MIHA) paid to service members to assist with economy housing move-in costs. Click here for OHA and MIHA rates.

Click here for a blank copy of the lease agreement.

Click here for a copy of the minor/major maintenance responsibilities between the Landlord and tenant.

House Hold Goods (HHG):  Delivery of HHG are coordinated through the Personal Property Office. Click here for more information.

Interpreting/Translating:  The HSC provides translation as well as clerical assistance and advice in preparing and negotiating amendments and termination of formal leases.

Liaison with Utilities: Utilities are not a regimented in Italy as they are in the U.S. Unlike in the U.S. there will not be on a monthly schedule. Bill may be kept in the Landlords name or set up with Residential Service Office (RSO) through the NEX on Support Site.

Mediation: If disputes arise with Landlords, the HSC will mediate between the two parties. The HSC will not provide any legal representation.

Partial Full Tour Furnishing (PFTF) Program:  Your Housing Counselor will arrange for loaner furniture and appliances at your lease signing. At least 3 days are needed to arrange for Loaner Furniture and PFTF. Loaner Furniture consists of items such as a bed, kitchen table, chairs, and sofa. These items are only issued for 90 days upon move-in. Additionally, appliances (through the PFTF program) are provided for personnel to include an AFN decoder, stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, washer, dryer, 2 transformers, CO detector, 1 wardrobe per family member, and an extra wardrobe for active duty member uniforms for your full tour.

For more information about our services, call us at DSN 314-629-4466 or Commercial 011-39-081-811-4466.

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