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Checking In

As of June 1, 2013, Direct Assignmentto Military Family Housing (MFH) is in effect for all incoming military personnel (E-1 to O-6) with accompanying family members.  Actual assignment to a unit is based on paygrade and family composition and availability. For more information about on-base family housing options, visit the Government Quarters page.

Single or unaccompanied E-5 and above service members and single or unaccompanied officers should immediately start looking for a place to live on the local economy through the Housing Service Center (HSC).

Things To Consider

  • Always keep security in mind while you are looking at homes.
  • All units are inspected by the Housing office and must meet safety and security standards.
  • Be aggressive in your search - TLA authorization is up to 60 days for military and 90 days for civilian personnel.

The Housing Services Center will help you...

  • Complete a housing application.
  • Apply for a Codice Fiscale, the Italian equivalent of a Social Security Number (required for phone and electrical service).
  • View the current economy listings and choose homes you would like to see.
  • Maintain your Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) eligibility during the house hunting hunting process.
  • Sign up for a Showing Tour or a Tag-Along Tour. (These tours are required for TLA claim approval). Note: The tag-along tour allows you (or your spouse) to join someone else on their tour.
  • Sign a bi-lingual lease.
  • Establish and maintain utility service.

A prioritized list of what you would like in a home will help simplify your search. As you develop the list, yourself,

“ Do I want…”:

  • A view?
  • A yard?
  • A house or an apartment?
  • A garage?
  • A landlord who allows pets?
  • An Italian or an American neighborhood?
  • Security features?
  • A short commute time?
  • Access to public transportation?
  • Access to the school bus route?
  • Close proximity to shopping?
  • Close proximity to base services?
  • Expenses within my housing allowances?

Placing a Property on Hold

  • Regular Hold: When you find a home you may put it on regular hold for two working days. This will give you an opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of the house. If you like, you can continue to look at other locations during this time. If there is no second hold, a request for extension can be made.
  • Contract Hold: When you make your final decision you will need to put the house you have chosen on contract hold. Housing will then schedule a safety and security inspection. When the home meets the inspection standards a contract signing appointment will be scheduled for you and the landlord. Once you have a contract hold, no more housing tours may be made.

Contract Signing

A Contract Hold is a legal binding commitment between you and your Landlord. When scheduling your contract appointment, the staff from the Housing Services Center will assist you in applying for your advance OHA, which takes approximately five working days to be credited to your account.

For the contract signing appointment you will need to bring the equivalent of 1 month's rent in euro. This money will be deposited in the General Service Fund Cash Cage to serve as a rental security deposit. The General Service Cash Cage is unable to accept dollars, checks or credit cards; only euro is accepted.

Signing the Lease

All properties are inspected by the Housing Office and must meet safety, structural and security standards. Once you sign a lease, the fact that you did not know about some discrepancy with the premises is not enough justification to break the legal lease document, so it is important that you thoroughly check out the property before you sign the lease.

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