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Checking Out

Getting Started your very first stop will be the Personal Property Office located in the West Wing of the Village Forum.  As soon as you receive your PCS orders, contact them for an appointment with a counselor to schedule your Household Goods shipment dates.  For contact information and more information please visit the housing:  Personal Property page.

Once you have scheduled your personal property shipment, you should contact the Housing Service Center to make your pre-termination appointment.  This will be the first in a series of three appointments.  
Appointment number one is to make known your intent to vacate, appointment number two is with your landlord for inspection of the premises, the third and final appointment is at the Housing Service 
Center to complete your final close out.  The housing office staff will help you determine how much will need to be paid as they guide you through this process and return you security deposit kept at the General Service Cash Cage in EURO cash.

Appointment #1

(30 days prior to departure):  Letter of Termination (only at the Housing Service Center in Gricignano for Naples Residents - Gaeta Port Housing Office for Gaeta Residents):

* A copy of your PCS orders.

* A letter of termination must be prepared and mailed to your landlord via registered mail through the
Italian Post Office a minimum of 15 days prior to your departure.  This letter will include the dates of your 
next two appointments, which may be scheduled on the same day.  Please note that your telephone 
service will be terminated up to five working days before leaving your house due to Telecom Italia close 
out process.  During this appointment, the Housing Counselor will also arrange for loaner furniture to be 
delivered and picked up.

Appointment #2 

(After Pack-Out-Date): Inspection of Premises (at your home):

* You and your landlord will inspect your home together.  A Housing Representative will not participate at this appointment.
* If no damages are found, your landlord will sign a Certificate of Repossession.  This document is provided in both Italian and English.  When signed, it releases you from your contract.  This document Must be presented to the Housing Office at your final clearance appointment.  Tenants will not be released without written agreement by the landlord!

Appointment #3 

* Final Clearance (at the Housing Welcome Center)
* Bring signed Certificate of Repossession.
* Shut off your electrical power, bring your final ENEL meter reading and all of your bills.
* Telecom contract will be terminated.  Bring the Telecom issued telephone 
and all of your bills with you to this appointment.

* If landlord and tenant have disputes, they will be settled at this time, with the Housing staff.
* Final utility consumption and damage costs, if any, will be deducted from your housing deposit.  The balance will be refunded to you in EURO.
* If damage is determined to be the result of your tenancy, you will be held liable for the cost of repairs.  Housing Office personnel will assist you in obtaining the best deal for completing the necessary repairs.  These costs are usually deducted from your housing deposit.  If the cost of repairs exceed your deposit amount, you will be required to pay the difference in EURO cash to your Landlord.

How much will I owe?

The final rental payment is determined by your move-out date.  Due to new agreements, contracts signed after 1 January 1999 will calculate the final month's rent by "per diem" by day basis.  Final utility payments must be calculated and paid prior to departure.  The final payments largely depend on your usage, outstanding payments and your billing cycle.  The Housing Service Center will provide individualized guidance to you during your close out process.  Please note that your telephone service will be terminated up 
to five working days before leaving your house due to Telecom Italia close out process.

Warehouse (Loaner Furniture/PFTF)

For Partial Full Tour Furnishings/Loaner Furniture - Make arrangements, in writing, for pickup at least 5 days in advance.  Visit the Housing Service Center to request this service.  Gaeta Residents must visit the Housing Office at Gaeta Port and Naples residents can visit the main Housing Service Center in Gricignano or the Housing Quick Stop Center in Capodichino, located in Admin II.

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