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Frequently Asked Questions for Military Family Housing


What if I do not want the first quarters offered to me?

Under direct assignment, if you decline an offer you will forfeit your entitlement to Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA).  If you turn down one set of quarters your name will be deleted from the waitlist.  You will be permitted to re-apply for Military Family Housing after 6 months from your declination date. All offers of acceptance or declination must be made in writing.

What is my control date?

Your control date will be your detachment date from your last permanent duty station (proof of detachment date is required). Note:  You are required to apply for housing immediately upon arrival.

What size quarters am I eligible?

The sponsor’s rank and family size determine bedroom eligibility. 

    E-1 to E-6: One bedroom per child

    E-7 to E-9: Minimum of three bedrooms

    O-1 to O-5: Minimum of three bedrooms

    O-6: Four bedrooms

Note:  NSA does not have quarters larger than four bedrooms.

Can I specify an area in which I would like to live?

While operating under the Direct Assignment policy, you do not have the option to move into the local economy unless Government Quarters are not available and you receive a Statement Of Non-Availability. 

Can I receive a waiver to move to the local economy due to the number, size, or breed of my pets?

No. There are no exceptions to the Direct Assignment Policy due to pets.

What if my family has not arrived yet?

You are required to apply for housing when you arrive.  Your position will be maintained on the waiting list as determined by your control date. You will be by-passed until the status of your dependents has been confirmed and their travel itinerary has been provided to the assignments office.  Once provided, you may accept housing up to 30 days prior to their arrival.  NOTE: You will be required to sign a lease (or temporary lease)  on the local economy until that time.


Frequently asked questions for Economy Housing


Do I need to obtain Renter’s Insurance?

All residents are strongly encouraged to obtain renter’s Insurance.  In the event you cause damage to your rental property and/or your personal property, you will need coverage to reimburse for repairs and/or replacement of items.


If I order the wrong size / style PFTF appliances do I have to pay to have the correct ones delivered?  If I initially decide not to request all available PFTF appliances, may I later have them delivered?

If the contractor is required to make a second delivery, for any reason, you will be charged a $60 re-delivery fee. You may request delivery of PFTF after your initial lease signing, however if you have previously accepted delivery of any appliances, a re-delivery charge of $60 will be charged.

Who can I contact if I have problems with my landlord and/or the utility companies?

The Housing Service Center is staffed with bi-lingual referral counselors that are available to assist you with any issues you may encounter with your landlord and/or utility bills. You may stop by or call the HSC during normal working hours at DSN: 629-4466 - comm: 081-811-4466 or Capo DSN: 626-4296

Who can I contact if I have an “after hours” emergency and am not able to communicate with my Italian-only speaking landlord?

You may contact the NSA Quarterdeck at DSN: 626-5547 - comm: 081-568-5547.  The quarterdeck will contact the on-call housing counselor.  NOTE: you will need to have your landlord’s telephone number available for the housing counselor.

May I negotiate with the landlord to provide additional air conditioning/heating units, wardrobes, a lower rental amount, etc.?

Yes.  During your Letter of Intent or Pre-Contract appointment, you may negotiate the rental amount and requested items with the landlord.  Note that the request for additional items, often results in an increase to the monthly rental amount.

Is a Letter of Intent and Pre-Contract binding agreements? Can I get out after signing?

The letter of intent and pre-contract are binding documents.  Members who wish to withdraw a letter of intent or pre-contract must provide a written statement to the landlord via the HSC indicating the extenuating circumstances that require the withdrawal, at which time the owner will be notified and must agree to the withdrawal.

Can I use my American 110 volt items in my 220 volt economy rental outlets?

American 110 volt items can be used by plugging them into the transformers provided as part of your PFTF.  You are encouraged to check the voltage of the item and transformer prior to use.


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