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 ACEA - The local electric company for customers in Rome. 

 Assignments Office - The housing division responsible for scheduling and processing move-ins and move-outs of government quarters (On Base Housing).

 Area Orientation - A multi-day series of briefings and presentations provided by various NSA Naples commands designed to assist new arrivals as they seek to become operational at their new duty station.

 BEQ - (Acronym) - Bachelor Enlisted Quarters.

Visit Bachelor Housing.

 Bombola - A portable Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) tank used for fueling appliances. Bombola are similar in appearance to the LPG tanks that are used in Recreational Vehicles and Gas Grills. They come in different sizes and are readily available on the economy. Gas Coupons cannot be used to purchase bombola.

 Codice Fiscale - An Italian taxpayer identification document. Translated loosely as "Fiscal Code." The HWC will assist you in obtaining a codice fiscale upon your arrival in Italy. This document is required to have access to Italian services (i.e. utilities and Internet service providers).

 COLA - (Acronym) - Cost of Living Allowance. For a full description visit the Allowances page.



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 ENEL - The local Electric company for customers in Campania (Naples). 

 FHCC - (Acronym) - Family Housing Community Center. Located on the Support Site near the village forum, the FHCC is available for use to support family related, non-profit gatherings and activities.  Get full information here. 

 Garden - When searching Italian property listings garden and yard can be used interchangeably. Properties with a garden will have an outdoor space that may or may not be landscaped. In some cases a garden may be paved or tiled.

 HWC - (Acronym) - Housing Welcome Center. 

 Ital Gas - Utility company providing a city gas line to homes in Lazio (Rome/Gaeta). 



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 Landlord Representative - A private individual or company that provides agency services to assist landlords fill vacant units. These private agents work for and are paid by the landlords. Housing's showing services can be supplemented with Landlord Representative tours. Housing maintains a list of authorized landlord representatives.

 Loaner Furniture Program - Housing provides eligible incoming and outgoing personnel with basic furnishings such as beds, dressers and a kitchen table. These furnishings are provided to facilitate the PCS of the service member by allowing flexibility in the scheduling of pack-out and pack-in dates.

 M & IE - (Acronym) - Meals and incidental expenses. Part of the per diem or TLA pay calculation.

 MIHA - (Acronym) - Moving In Housing Allowance. For a full description visit the Allowances page.

 Metano (Sud) - A utility company providing city gas connections for residents in the Caserta area.

 MVRO - (Acronym) Motor Vehicle Registration Office. The MVRO will assist service members with registration and driver's license translation services. For more information, visit the MVRO site.



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 OHA - (Acronym) - Overseas Housing Allowance. For a full description visit the Allowances page.

 Parco - An apartment or condominium complex community. Most commonly a walled complex with a security gate or electric gate. Can also be a collection of villas.

 PCS - (Acronym) - Permanent Change of Station

 Permisso Di Soggiorno - (Italian) - Sojourner's Permit. This document grants you permission to stay in the country. (More information can be found at the Navy Legal Services Office)

 PFTF - (Acronym) - Partial Full Tour Furnishings.  Housing provides some essential appliances and storage cabinets to support the service member during a tour of duty in Naples.



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 Scadenza - (Italian) - Due Date. This appears on your bills and some other Italian documents such as thePermisso Di Soggiorno

 Showing Tour - A service provided by the housing welcome center to assist service members during the house hunting phase. A tour of villas, houses, condominiums, or apartments available for rent out in town. A Housing showing counselor arranges meetings with landlords, drives, and provides translation services.

 Sponsor Program - An NSA Naples command program to assist new arrivals as they acclimate to their new duty station. For more information click here.

 Sojourner's Permit - (see permisso di soggiorno)

 TLA - (Acronym) - Temporary Lodging Allowance. For a full description visit the Allowances page.

 Villa - An Italian House. Generally a single home within a private walled property sometimes with a garden. Can be within a parco.



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