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Navy Gateway Inns and Suites has two facilities that are normally used for transient (TAD/TDY orders). 

To make reservations call:                                                                                                                                   CONUS TO OCONUS (DSN): 314-626-5250                                                                                                   OCONUS TO OCONUS (DSN): 626-5250                                                                                                        Commercial: (39) 081-568-5250   

We utilize all available spaces designated for transient personnel.

Depending on availability, we house personnel at Capo Inn, which consists of two buildings on Capodichino (NSA Naples main activity). 

Regardless of their locations, all the rooms are adequate for all ranks and grades.  Assignment to certain facility may vary depending on the availability.  Reservations may only be guaranteed a space but the room category or location cannot be specified not until the day of arrival.  As maximum utilization is always applied, Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) may only be issued when spaces are determined not available to all designated transient spaces for all facilities, and the Navy Lodge (TLA) also has no availability.

Travelers must acquire the Certificate of Non-Availability certificate number first before securing an alternate off-base or commercial accommodations.

In the event there is no availability, personnel may use the hotel list to make alternate accomodations for their stay in the Naples area. You can request a copy of the hotel list from the Housing Office or the Navy Lodge front desk.

Retirees and active duty personnel on leave status while assigned from outside the activities of Naples will be housed on space available.

VIP or Distinguished Guests reservation requests may be submitted through the Protocol Office at DSN from:          CONUS TO OCONUS (DSN): 314-626-4313                                                                                                      OCONUS TO OCONUS (DSN): 626-4313                                                                                                      Commercial: (39) 081-568-4313/5176

For group reservations, please email: and include the following:

  • arrival date
  • departure date 
  • purpose of visit
  • point of contact
  • host command


Unconfirmed reservation will be held until 6 p.m. of your arrival day, after this time, it will be automatically cancelled. Please provide us with a credit card if you expect to arrive after 6 p.m. so we can save your reservation.


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